Saturday, August 25, 2007

Congratulations, Jake!

Here are the answers (or some of them anyway...):

1) I couldn't find the answer to where the dragonfly got it's name. I like your answer, Jake!

2) The answer I was looking for to the question "Why do mosquitoes bite?" is revealed in this post from August 2006.

3) I had a feeling I'd get this answer, but I was actually thinking of "Black Angels"
(Crumb). That's insecty, isn't it?

4) Great poem! I love the setting by Clara Edwards! I admit I had Emily Dickinson on my mind.

5) I don't think it was quite 500 million years ago. Maybe more like 150 million...

6) Apparently the reason bumblebees are fuzzy has something to do with keeping them warm in cool weather - and the hairs also attract pollen when they build up an electrostatic charge.

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