Wednesday, August 15, 2007

If you had to, would you choose:

1) a really boring job (soul numbingly so) that pays $50K/yr OR a really exciting job (that makes you excited to get up and go to work everyday) that pays $30K/yr?

2) to be amazingly brilliant, yet confined for your entire life to a wheelchair OR to have significantly reduced intelligence, but be amazingly physically fit?

3) to have an incredibly rewarding family life, but be stuck in a small town for the rest of your life, unable to travel more than 30 miles in any direction OR to have a nomadic life full of travel to every destination you desire to see, but be unable to ever have a family or settle down in one place or relationship for more than one month?

4) to be the President of the United States OR to be an air traffic controller?

5) to be a really homely person of your own sex OR to be a really homely person of the opposite sex?

6) to be a butterfly OR to be a turtle?

(my answers: 1)B; 2)B; 3); 4)A; 5)A; 6)A)


andre said...

1. B
2. A, no doubt in my mind. . I could be like that dude from the X-men. . isn't there a guy like that in X-Men?
3. This is tough. . my life is definately more B than A, so I guess I'd have to go with that.
4. A.
5. I guess A =) But "homely" really is on the inside!
6. I love turtles, so I'd have to go with B. There's this great Abby Lincoln song called "A Turtle's Dream" (I think) whose chorus is something like "I can swim the ocean/ and it's deep and wide. And in the house above me/ abide." That's such a great line!

Ian said...

Uh, you didn't answer 3.

Ian said...

1. I would choose the really exciting job, but in Indonesia, where the per capita GDP is 1/10th that.

2. This is, unfortunately, a no-brainer. Most stupid people are painfully unaware of their stupidity, where as a brilliant handicapped person is inescapably aware that he is grossly limited compared to other people. Therefore, I would have to choose to be stupid, happy, and healthy. (Contrary to popular belief, being really smart and in a wheel-chair does not confer super-powers that otherwise allow one to compensate for the physical limitations...)

3. Assuming I'm evolutionarily motivated, and that I'm stupid but with the body of Zeus as chosen above, I guess I would have to go with the traveler -- he at least can start lots of families and ultimately have lots of people genetically related to him... If I'm not evolutionarily motivated, that's a bit harder.

4. Well, we certainly wouldn't want any stupid air traffic controllers -- people could die -- so I would have to go with being president...

5. Definitely being a physically unattractive man is much less of a burden than being a physically unattractive woman.

6. That depends on the ratio of entomologists to Chinese people in the world. I'm guessing there are more Chinese people than entomologists, and so presumably it's safer to be a butterfly than a turtle. Or were you hoping that I would make some value judgments based on what butterflies and turtles represent in people's minds?