Sunday, August 19, 2007

In anticipation of my upcoming move, I've begun the process of sorting through things. Because I have moved eight times already in the last five years, I have actually pared down my things considerably, but I am still amazed at the things that are most difficult for me to get rid of. Books, music, clothing, letters from loved ones, school papers... all of these things are important... but lip gloss, body glitter, lotion, perfume?? None of these are things I even wear with any regularity. I am actually highly sensitive to scent and find that if I wear a scent that is too strong, I'll feel nauseous or get a headache, so it's pretty rare to find me wearing anything but the most innocuous fragrance -- maybe vanilla or something fruity. So then why can't I seem to make myself get rid of the lotions and perfumes I have (from Victoria's Secret or other non-"natural" companies) that I've been carting around for four years or more and worn maybe once or twice? I don't know. Same goes for lip balm. I have tons of it -- mint and green tea, different glittery colored glosses, burt's bees, etc. --, but I rarely think to use it. In that case, I probably should use it, as it's been pointed out to me that my lips are often chapped. But, body glitter? This is much harder to explain. What if I need it...? It doesn't take up that much room... And you thought you had issues... It just now occurs to me that perhaps I'm holding on to these things because these are all things I wished I had as a little girl. Hmmm... And my favorite colors were pink and purple... I want my Blue Banana!! How old am I?

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