Friday, August 24, 2007

**OH - I forgot to mention what the prize is!! It's a souvenir (TBD) from one of the following places (your choice): Boston, Syracuse, Chicago, Madison, Denver, Salt Lake City, or Palo Alto!! Now, you want to do the quiz, don't ya?!! :-)**


1. How did the dragonfly get it's name?

2. Why do mosquitoes bite?

3. Name a piece of music that aims to imitate an insect.

4. Name a poem that makes reference to an insect.

5. Approximately how long have ants been on this planet (according to current scientific research)?

6. Why are bumblebees fuzzy?

7. What's another good insect question for this quiz? What's the answer? :-)

1 comment:

Jake said...

1. they are top predators, thus dragons
2. well, technically they stab, but it's to eat!
3. Flight of the Bumblebee, by, uh...
4. Silent Noon, by Rosetti: "Deep in the sun-searched growths, the dragonfly hangs like a blue thread, loosened from the sky"
5. pretty much forever - 500 million years?
6. flight stabilization is my guess
7. q: what's the deadliest spider in the world? a: Brazilian Wandering Spider or Funnel Web