Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Getting to Know You

1. What's the worst paying job you've ever had?

2. What's the most boring job you've ever had?

3. What's the most dangerous job you've ever had?

4. Which job has made you the most nervous?

5. What's the best job you've ever had?

(Me - 1. probably clerking at Addis & Dey's Department Store; 2. various temp assignments in which I wasn't given any work to do; 3. waiting tables at India House (I caught on fire once...); 4. it's a toss up between waiting tables and taking mall surveys; 5. solo singing work)


Ian said...

1. McDonald's, I think.

2. Telephone Operator for a number of hospitals and doctors' offices in Boston. Occasionally this was also one of the most interesting jobs I had...

3. Probably the first time I worked at Blockbuster Video. At one point one of my coworkers decided he hated me and became physically violent with me. He later threatened to kill me, and was barred from the premises, but came back at one point anyway. To this day I can only speculate what he didn't like about me...

4. All jobs involve a certain amount of nervousness at the beginning as I am learning it, but none once I know it. I'm guessing that the greatest amount of nervousness was when I first started working as a bus boy at a restaurant, just because I didn't really know what working like that would really entail.

5. My current job working on a startup in Silicon Valley.

Suze said...

1. being a mama. it pays nada

2. answering the phone for a divorce lawyer

3. i don't know that i've ever had a job you could consider dangerous...though my first job ever was at a Sonic drive-through, and had i opted to wear roller skates, i could have injured myself!

4. the two days i spent as a server at shoney's. it made me nervous because i was the only one working there who had been to college. in fact, i was the only one who hadn't gotten knocked up in high school. i got strep throat after 2 days there and just didn't go back.

5. good accompanying work! (high school concerto competitions don't count, though.)

Jake said...

1. Subway. I had a couple 2 day jobs I never got paid for, if that counts...

2. Probably the last couple months at my last job, actually. Not much coming through, and new people who needed to train on the work that was there, so I sat on my rump a lot.

3. Resident Dean at a college for students with learning disabilities. Though it was certainly more dangerous for them! Of course, I now work in an industry that routinely deals with extremely dangerous compounds...

4. In a way, my new job - high expectations.

5. St. Matthew Passion with Santa Fe Pro Musica. That was a singular, sublime experience. I got to be the P's: Peter, Pontifex and Pilate. :)

andre said...

1. Cleaning houses.
2. Hard to say. Probably one of my data entry jobs, which was also one the most dangerous because I gave myself tendonitis working the last one. . God, that sucked.
3. Maybe working as a teller in a credit union, because the place had been robbed about three months before I started.
4. The one I have now.
5. The one I have now.