Monday, September 17, 2007

Getting to know you:

1. How are you doing today?

2. Have you ever had a bike accident?

3. Have you ever been in a car accident?

4. Have you ever had to have stitches?

5. Have you ever broken a bone?

6. Have you ever fallen down the stairs?

7. Do you have any bruises on your body right now?

8. When's the last time you did something really clumbsy?

9. If you could have another lifetime to pursue another career (starting your education with this career in mind), what would you do?

(me - 1. pretty good!; 2. yep. i ran into a parked car in madison on johnson st.; 3. yep. in rochester a car stopped suddenly in front of me on the highway and i ran into it; 4. yep. in the bottom of my left foot. i stepped on a piece of glass in the creek by my old house in syracuse when i was in the 4th grade.; 5. nope; 6. yes. i slipped and fell on the stairs of my house on meigs st. in rochester and bruised the crap out of one of my shins.; 7. yep. a pretty big one on my right forearm.; 8. this morning. i fell over while standing still on my bike. i was reaching for the crosswalk button when i lost my balance and toppled over :-); 9. i'd become a veterinarian)


Ian said...

1. I'm fine, thank you.

2. Yes, many. To the best of my recollection, none of them were my fault, and the major ones were definitely not my fault.

3. Yes. I nearly crashed through the guard rail of a bridge in Charleston, SC due to a slippery metal grating. The police didn't consider it my fault, but the city didn't bother doing anything about the danger until five years later when somebody did the same thing but went through the guard rail, fell into the river, and died.

4. Only after surgeries.

5. Yes. I had an amusing tobaggoning accident in 8th grade that left me with a broken ankle.

6. Probably.

7. Not that I'm aware of.

8. I don't know -- I probably walked into a door frame sometime recently. I tend to do that fairly often, so I don't really notice it...

9. I'd probably do what I'm doing now, unless you're saying that I got to do both this lifetime and another lifetime, in which case I would study physics.

Jake said...

1. Not bad

2. Heck yeah - nothing major, thank goodness, but I've done the pavement tango a few times

3. Alas, I confess that I hit a parked car. Granted, there was ice involved, but still...

4. When I was a wee laddie, I split my head on the toy box. I was so excited to have stitches in my favorite color!

5. No

6. No. I'm not clumsy like that. ;)

7. No. That would require being clumsy

8. Well, okay, I do run into walls at work a lot...

9. Geez, my "career" has been so messy, I don't think going back and starting over would make any difference!

Suze said...

1. quite well, thanks!

2. i've had a couple of spills, one on an icy driveway that gave me a pretty bad bruise, but nothing serious. Oh! I just remembered that my first day in Austria on a rented bike, I ran into a small child. She was fine, though scared, and I was terrified I was going to get sued or something.

3. no

4. none that weren't planned (I had a mole removed that required stitches, but I don't think that counts). My brother got 30 stitches one time, though.

5. no, but my brother has.

6. not that i can remember.

7. no big ones. probably little ones from running into things.

8. being pregnant makes me do clumsy things constantly. i bump into all kinds of stuff and drop things on the floor.

9. possibly, some kind of science. like animal behavior research.