Thursday, September 20, 2007

Getting to Know You

1. What was one of your favorite cartoons on television as a kid?

2. What cartoons did you like in the Sunday paper as a kid (if any)?

3. Are there any cartoon characters or muppets which still make you feel happy when you think of them?

4. Have you ever used an animal/cartoon image to make you feel better when you felt sad or scared?

5. If you could pick one song/piece to be your "theme song" for today, what would it be?

6. Name a movie you've seen that you left feeling changed - seeing the world differently.

7. Name a book you've read that you liked so much you recommended it to all your friends and family (or many people...).

(me - 1. the Smurfs; 2. Calvin & Hobbs; 3. Snoopy; 4. Yes - for a year I did a lot of driving back and forth from Rochester to New York City and would often find myself driving at night, feeling spooked and feeling like there was someone/thing in my back seat. It was a strange time. Anyway, for some silly reason, I put a picture of a golden retriever on my dashboard and that image helped me to not feel spooked. 5. I think "We are the Champions". I guess I need help getting motivated and feeling strong and confident. But, "Watershed" would be good, too; 6. What the Bleep Do We Know; 7. The Human Comedy - by William Saroyan)


Scott said...

Hi Pam! Long time no see... we should catch up. But more to the point...

1) I really loved "Masters of the Universe" when I was a kid.

2) I adore "Calvin and Hobbes" almost as much as my true cartoon passion, "Bloom County."

3) Almost all of them! Cartoons rock. Also the Muppets rock.

4) I read old Bloom County books to cheer myself up sometimes.

5) Theme for today: "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey... mostly because it's been stuck in my head since Saturday.

6) I felt kind of changed after seeing "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg." There's something about it that made me re-think what music is for.

7) I often recommend "Ursula Under" by Ingrid Hill. I just think it's incredibly wonderful and touching and brilliant, and almost no one has heard of it (or her).

Pam said...

Ok... I should know which Scott this is by your answers... but I don't! Reveal yourself!! :-)

Scott said...

Oh! Sorry! Scott Gendel... from school in Madison... composer guy. Right! Should have been specific!

p.s. Hi Pam!

Ian said...

1. My favorite cartoon came out when I was a teenager -- The Tick. A superb parody of superhero cartoons (at its best, anyway).

2. Calvin and Hobbes, although the Bloom County comics (including The Other Side or whatever it was called) were up pretty far on my list.

3. No. I'm a crotchety old man.

4. No. See above.

5. Shostakovich's 7th Symphony.

6. Probably Schindler's List.

7. The Gift -- poems by the Persian master Hafiz translated by Daniel Ladinsky.

Pam said...

Hi Scott!

Jake said...

1. Transformers. I confess

2. Garfield - we didn't get the paper that had Calvin and Hobbes, so I didn't discover the genius of Watterson until college

3. Hobbes just makes me smile

4. My various cats have come in handy over the years

5. Uh... I have no idea

6. The Secretary

7. The Thousand Nights and One Night