Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Getting to Know You

1. Have you ever been apple picking?

2. Have you ever been horseback riding?

3. Have you ever gone out of your way to see Fall foliage?

4. When's the last time you made a fire?

5. Are there any clothes you remember getting especially to wear "Back to School" as a kid?

6. Name one or more of your favorite childhood Halloween costumes.

7. Did you ever go to (or have) a fun Halloween party?

8. Do you like pumpkin pie?

9. Do you like to carve pumpkins?

(me - 1.yes; 2.yes; 3.yes; 4.probably when my Mom had a wood burning stove back in 2000?; 5.courdoroy pants, jumpers; 6.washing machine + in college my friend Melanie and I dressed up as the two-headed monster from Sesame Street, but the glue we used to put on the eyes was too strong for us to wear it very long :-); 7.we had a really fun Halloween party at my house one year as a kid with a really fun Haunted maze or whatever you'd call it; 8.yesyesyesyesyes! it's my favorite!!; 9.sometimes)


Janine said...

1. i think so. 2. yep. i took lessons in jr. high 3. yep. i LOVE fall. 4. memorial day weekend '07, on a camping trip. 5. nope. 6. pipi longstocking (i had some amazing braids that were held up by pipecleaners) 7. i don't really remember one, but i think i'm invited to a crazy one this year... 8. i LOVE pumpkin pie, but you know, when you get canned pumpkin, it's not really pumpkin - it's squash. i made some last fall with pumpkin, and it wasn't as good as the one i made with squash... just not as flavorful or rich! (but it was really nice to have the seeds to roast...) 9. i haven't done it for a long time, but i think yes...

Suze said...

1. yup
2. yup
3. nope
4. July. It was pretty warm for a fire, but we did it anyway without using lighter fluid, which for us is an achievement.
5. My grandmother always bought me clothes with pink/white or red/white stripes. I remember one fuschia/white button-down shirt in particular. I really liked it. That was the 80s though.
6. I was Cleopatra for, like, 3 years in a row.
7. None stick out, but I'm sure I went to some fun ones.
8. oh my yes.
9. Sure. Two years ago my husband carved pumpkins for the first time ever (he grew up abroad and they just didn't do things like pumpkin-carving and easter-egg-dyeing.)

Jake said...

1. Yup

2. I got plunked on a horse when I was a kid, does that count?

3. In Colorado, we used to drive to see the Aspens.

4. Last year at a party with Michael and Stuart, I was the token straight boy and so got tasked with making the fire. :)

5. Not particularly. New clothes never arrived with any rhyme or reason.

6. I was a carboard Dalek once. Loved it! "Exterminate, exterminate!" Nobody got it, though...

7. Meh, not so much. The haunted house they'd set up at the firehouse was cool, but it wasn't a party, really.

8. Oh yeah.

9. Sometimes.

Scott said...

1. Every year, then we make sauce! Mmm, applesauce.

2. When I was a kid, but not as an adult.

3. Nope. But I love it when it happens.

4. Just a few days ago, in the grill. Or, for purists, about a month ago, camping.

5. I had a jean jacket with some random pink denim patches on it, very 80s Michael Jackson-esque, which made me VERY happy to show off at the time.

6. My mom sewed me a black bodysuit (basically footy pajamas) with all the anatomically correct bones sewed on the outside, like I was some kind of scary walking skeleton, and I must have worn that at least 4 times, sometimes with other accessories on top.

7. I worked at some halloween parties in high school... once, I got to be a vampire and I spent all night in a coffin that just looked like a decoration, and when groups walked by I'd throw the coffin open and bare my plastic fangs. It was fun!

8. mmmmm pie.

9. I do like to carve pumpkins! I usually still do one every year, though these days I do a smallish one, and it's mostly an excuse to roast the seeds.