Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Getting to Know You again...

1. Where on your body do you wish you had less fat?

2. Where on your body do you wish you had more muscle?

3. What about yourself makes you feel the most attractive?

4. Do you feel better about yourself when you're dressed up? / when you wear make-up?

5. If you had lots of extra time and money to devote towards exercise/grooming, what would you do with it?

6. Do you whiten your teeth?

7. Do you tan?

8. What's the best advice you can give about self-image -- the kind of advice you would give to a child you care very much about?

(me - 1. my butt and stomach; 2. my arms; 3. sometimes i think i have nice legs, but more often it's how i feel inside that makes me feel attractive; 4. usually yes; 5. i would exercise consistently and take good care of my skin and hair; 6. i have in the past; 7. i mostly burn, but i get a little bit tan; 8. don't compare yourself to other people. it's important that you feel good about yourself and that may very well be related to how you feel when you look in the mirror, but make sure you take care of yourself for positive reasons and not out of self-hatred.)


Ian said...

1. My teeth.

2. My ears.

3. My wallet.

4. I feel especially good about myself when I wear makeup.

5. Buy a car.

6. No.

7. I speckle.

8. That kind of thing would be decided on a case-by-case basis, but I think that learning to laugh at yourself is probably pretty important for moderating self-image. People who can't laugh at themselves (I think) tend to have very fragile egos.

Steph said...

1. Oh, nowhere, really. At certain points in my life I would have said my stomach, but these days I like it fine.

2. My calves. I like muscle-y calves, and mine are pretty spindly.

3. It really depends on the day. Some days it's my body, which I generally like. Some days it's my sense of humor. I think cultivating the latter is probably a better long-term strategy for self-confidence.

4. Yes. I hate my skin without at least a little makeup, I admit it. And I like sexy knee-high boots. I don't own any at the moment, but I like them.

5. Take martial arts. Maybe pay for a haircut, rather than doing it myself in front of the mirror with a hacksaw. Buy sexy boots.

6. No, the thought of the process makes me recoil in a fingernail-against-blackboard sort of way. Not sure why.

7. Intentionally? No. Easily? Yes. I'm olive-skinned.

8. What Pam said. And what Ian said. And also, don't accept the media's definitions of beauty. Look for beauty in real people, and you're more likely to find it in yourself.

Suze said...

1. Right now, my chin. And I'm carrying a lot of extra weight in front, but that's because there's a bebe in there. I hope it doesn't stick around after the birth!

2. Kinda everywhere, though I think i have pretty good abs and upper-body strength from all the child-lifting and stroller-lifting and carseat-lifting I've done since Daniel was born.

3. Right now? Not a whole lot.

4. Oh, yes.

5. Haircuts more than twice a year. Serious yoga instead of the piddly stretches I do when I remember maybe once a week. Swimming several times a week. Long bike rides on weekends. Maybe martial arts. I'd have a beauty consultant tell me how to use eye make-up and what color lipstick to wear because I am so inept at that.

6. No, but sometimes I chew gum that's supposed to whiten your teeth. It's probably toxic somehow.

7. Not very well. I burn more easily than tan.

8. You are beautiful because of who you are, not because of what you look like...though it helps to comb your hair. And the laughing at yourself thing Ian said. i like that, too.

Jake said...

1. Belly

2. Upper body. I've been such a cyclist in my past that my torso has basically atrophied

3. My smile, usually, but I don't tend to "feel" attractive

4. Generally. It's fun being a singer and having to/getting to wear a tux on a regular basis

5. Actually go to kung fu instead of moan about how I don't go; ride my hot new bike at least three days a week

6. Ugh, no

7. I burn

8. Know that you are beautiful because you are you. Not so much advice, but affirmation, which does more (I think) than anything else.