Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Getting to Know You

(Susan told me she likes to do these questionnaires, so I'm writing this one in her honor, since I'm at her house and she's currently putting Daniel down for a nap.)

1. When is the last time you visited the city where you were born?

2. What is the longest trip you have ever taken in a car?

3. What is the longest trip you have ever taken on a plane?

4. Have you ever ridden a really long distance on a bicycle? or walked a really long distance?

5. What is the longest vacation you've ever taken? (This, I suppose, could include summer camp or a trip to a relative's house or something -- somewhere you stayed for an extended time, but didn't actually move there.)

6. Have you ever had to sleep overnight in an airport?

7. When is the last time you rented a car? What kind of car was it?

8. Where did you go on your last trip? When was it?

(Me - 1. I was in Syracuse on Sunday; 2. This cross country trip will be the longest trip I've ever taken, but before this, the two trips I've taken by car from Syracuse to Orlando, FL were the longest; 3. I guess probably Boston to Frankfurt; 4. no, no, not really; 5. i guess summer camp in Maine for a month (is that right, Mom?); 6. yes - ugh; 7. in CA - it was a PT Cruiser convertible :-); 8. Well... I'm on a trip...)


Ian said...

1. Tomorrow!

2. From Iowa to California and back, stopping at all of the big national parks in the west when I was a kid (I think this was actually the same year that you did your family trip to CA, Pam).

3. Boston to Sydney, Australia

4. Yes. Yes. When I was 15 my family went on a month-long bike trip through England, Scotland, and Wales. The longest day was I believe 96 miles. Just over a year ago, I walked about 50 miles in a 12 hour period (I think it was actually 11 hours and 45 minutes).

5. That would probably be the 2 months between leaving Charleston, SC and deciding to move to Boston. I was in Switzerland, Spain, The Netherlands, and France during that period, and it was a lot like vacation. That was 5 years ago.

6. Yes, twice. The first time was on a table in the employee lounge, since I was a minor (16 years old) and minors cannot be put up in hotels by the airlines, so they have to sleep in the airport if they are traveling unaccompanied. It is interesting to note that the 16 year old girl who was stuck in the same airport due to the same delayed flight got to sleep in an armchair in the pilots' lounge where nobody was coming in and out, watching TV, or requiring that the lights be on, and she got pillows and a blanket. I had no such advantages in the employee lounge, and when I did sleep, I woke up with the circulation to both of my arms so completely cut off that I couldn't even lift my arms for about 5 minutes.

7. The day after I got back from Australia I rented a car to move my stuff back out of storage. They tried to give me a Ford Mustang, but I declined. I instead got a cheap car whose model I don't remember.

8. On a road trip from Iowa to California with Pam. It was tomorrow.

Suze said...

1. I was born in Albuquerque, but never went back to visit. We lived, however, in Socorro, NM, and I was there briefly one summer during college.

2. ky to ca. that was a long way.

3. NYC to Johannesburg. 14 hours.

4. Madison to Mt. Horeb, probably 20 miles-ish. I was prego with Daniel then, can you believe? Never walked a significantly long distance.

5. Probably 2-3 weeks. Nothing stands out, though. Well, I went to Austria for a 5-week summer program in college, but that involved some work; it wasn't just vacation.

6. We tried once! See #3...we got into JFK at night and didn't leave until the next morning. We were cheap and didn't want to pay for a hotel, but the airport kicked everyone out and we had to pay absurdly high rates at a nearby Best Western.

7. this June, I rented a Chevy Malibu in Malibu! (Well, we rented it in LA, but anyway...)

8. Minnesota/Kansas/Nebraska in late July this year. It was HOT (and I don't mean sexy!)

Jake said...

1. Hooboy - I haven't been back to Denver in maybe 10 years.

2. I guess Denver to Boston. Twice. The first time was half in a bus, though. But it was right after driving back to Denver from the Oregon coast. I was fried.

3. Boston to Tempe, AZ probly does it.

4. I've done 2 centuries on the bike (100 miles), and I went on the weeklong "Ride the Rockies" which had a totaled 350 some miles. I used to take long walks at night when I was in college, and I've been on a couple weeklong hikes, covering maybe 30 miles.

5. The longest I've stayed somewhere sans moving would be the summers I spent in Santa Fe singing with the Desert Chorale. I once spent a summer (2 and a half months) with my grandparents in White Rock (near Santa Fe, ironically).

6. No. Thank goodness.

7. I don't know that I ever have - I've always been with someone else who did the renting. Except for moving trucks. But that can't count.

8. West Palm Beach! Just got back last night. :)

Steph said...

1. In, uh, March, I think, for about a week. I was born in Madison--although we moved when I was one. Thanks to Suze, Stu and Daniel, I see a lot more of the old place than I used to. :)
2. Hmmm. I think from Newton, Kansas to Montreal. I was in high school.
3. Just to Europe, from the Midwest. Never more than 8 or 9 hours, unless you count the stopover in Iceland I had with one cheapo ticket.
4. Once, as a teenager, I was hiking in the South of France and the testosterone-poisoned boys I was with claimed to know where they were going and actually didn't. We walked for four or five hours. That seemed like a lot, but maybe it felt longer because I was so bitter.
5. I've had a lot of 2-3 week travelling stints at the ends of semesters abroad and stuff like that, but nothing in particular.
6. Yes. Baltimore, 1997. After getting off of an international flight in which I had not slept one wink. Didn't sleep much in Baltimore, either.
7. A few years ago, I think, in Ann Arbor. I can't remember what it was, though. I do remember having to return it late and swearing at the bill.
8. Cedar Falls, Iowa, this past weekend, to visit the in-laws.

Andre said...

1. March of this year
2. Michigan to Florida as a kid.
3. Detroit to London
4. Sadly no. . though I made many many little trips in Ann Arbor and Rochester.
5. See number 3
6. No, but the European tour saw me sleeping on a beach and then the next night in the train depot in Florence Italy. . not fun.
7. In Michigan this past March. .a Hyundai "made with pride in Alabama."
8. AZ