Saturday, September 29, 2007

MOM (DJ) is the winner!! You win the prize, Mom!! I will mail it to you shortly.

The answers are:

1. Vincent Van Gogh (Room at Arles)

2. John Singer Sargent (The Daughters of Edward Darley Boitz)

3. Mary Cassatt (Portrait of a Little Girl)

4. Paul Klee (Cat and Bird)

5. Georgia O'Keefe (Music: Pink and Blue II)

6. Edouard Manet (Dejeuner sur l'herbe)

7. Gustav Klimt (Hope, II)

8. Edouard Manet (Bar at the Follies) -- there *is* a Renoir connection with this

9. Salvador Dali (Sacrament of the Last Supper)

10. Leonardo DaVinci (The Last Supper)

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