Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good morrrnin', buckos! Today I might become an aunt, so 'tis an excitin' day ferrr me! Also, me bike rrride t' man the deckie tookie me less time than I expected, so that tharrrwas good, and a bottle of rum!

(Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. If you're looking for a silly way to waste time today, check out this Learn to Talk Like a Pirate translator.)

Have a grrreat day, buckos!
I hope ye be doin' well!


Andre said...

My students won't know what hit 'em. . .arrrgh!

Suze said...

oh boy. i'm kinda glad i'm not going anywhere today...

Andre said...

Ok, so my favorite examples of pirate-speak today were:
"We have four different types of 6-4 chords: Neighboring, Passing, Cadential, and ARRRRpeggiating."
"Logic is the study of ARRRgument validity."

If you know of more of these silly holidays, please keep writing about them. They are *way* fun!