Wednesday, October 03, 2007


1. How are you today?

2. Did you get a good night's sleep last night?

3. Do you remember any of your dreams? Care to share?

4. Did you eat breakfast this morning? If so, what did you eat?

5. Do you read the news on a daily basis? If so, where do you get your news?

6. Do you have any favorite websites you like to visit regularly?

7. What book(s) are you reading currently?

8. Do you subscribe to any magazines?

9. Have you had lunch yet? If you did, what did you eat? If not, what do you think you will eat?

10. Do you like learning about music history? If you feel like it, tell me some random tidbit you think is interesting about music history. If you don't feel like it, no sweat.

(me - 1.not bad; 2.yeah, pretty much; 3.i don't remember anything, although i think i was having some conversations that i thought were real. hopefully i wasn't talking in my sleep.; 4.yeah. yoghurt.; 5.i don't read the news with any particular regularity. i get my news from tidbits of the ny times, bbc, sfgate, and also places like yahoo and reddit.; 6.most are listed as links on my blog.; 7.*i'm a stranger here myself* by bill bryson; 8.yes - classical singer; 9.nope. maybe an avocado sandwich from le boulanger.; 10.yes! well, i've always been particularly interested in domestic music making or music making done in informal, social settings, so i find it very interesting to think about renaissance madrigal groups, hausmusik of the nineteenth century, or salon concerts given in the past or even today. we sometimes take recorded music and instant entertainment for granted and forget about the days when folks *had* to make music themselves in order to have any music at all. making music for fun is the best! so here's my tidbit... i suppose one of the first mediums for automating music was the player piano, which was invented in 1863 by Henri Fourneaux. The player piano "plays itself" using a piano roll. rolls in modern player pianos are activated by computer software, but in the old days they were often powered by a vacuum.)


Jake said...

1. Not bad

2. I think so

3. By now, no. Being woken up by the alarm pretty much destroys my dreams

4. Sortof - glass of OJ, which is usually enough

5. Yeah -, random tidbits

6. Pam's blog! The Times, my Yahoo! page where I catch up on the comics, my Google homepage where I get the weather and random stuff

7. "Rainbow's End" by Vernor Vinge

8. The Week

9. Leftovers from a training - sandwich and spinach salad

10. Yeah! But I'm terrible at remembering tidbitty details... Except there was an actor/singer in Purcell's day, name of John Bowman, who had a voice very much like mine, judging by the music written for him

Steph said...

1. Middling

2. Yeah, pretty good.

3. Yeah, kind of a nightmare. Details fuzzy and hard to describe. Ick.

4. Not yet, except for the oolong tea I'm working on.

5. I listen to ten minutes of NPR and check their website. I can't handle much more than that.

6. Well, I always have to check yours for these fun quizzes! And Susan's blog, and my friend Scott's, and usually Neil Gaiman's blog because I'm a fan and he updates every day.

7. The Famished Road by Ben Okri, and about three different books about adoption.

8. Gourmet. And I read Yoga Journal at the bookstore, but I won't subscribe to it because nine-tenths of their cover models are skinny, young, and white and that's getting really old.

9. No, it's not even 8:00 in the morning. Leftovers are the plan, though.

10. Sure. Although after both taking and T.A.-ing survey courses with Grout as the text I could happily stage a ritual burning of the thing. I would love to take a Western music history course on What Is Not In Grout. Beyond that, Chinese as well as Haitian music histories are pretty interesting.

Scott said...

1. Peachy!

2. Nope. I was all kinds of restless. Kept waking up uncomfortable and tossing and turning. Booo.

3. I remember a dream where I was baking giant frisbees of whole-wheat flat bread. Not sure what that could possibly mean.

4. I love breakfast! I had a piece of toast with blueberry jam, and half a scallion and feta cheese omelette. Also a cup of coffee. (The other half of the omelette went to my lovely wife... we have breakfast every morning because it's generally the only meal we're both home for at the same time.)

5. I take a quick glance at and the New York Times online for headlines, and occasionally I listen to Stephanie Miller on Air America. She's my radio hero!

6. I check in on NewMusicBox pretty often, and some friends' blogs (like this one!) and the occasional Facebook.

7. I'm reading "The Fragile Species" by Lewis Thomas, as well as a whole bunch of baby-themed books (we're expecting in February... wheeee!)

8. No magazines for me.

9. I've not had lunch yet, but I packed one for the road. It's in my cute Japanese bento-style lunchbox, and has rice, miso soup, some sesame-flavored chicken, and gingery beets. I'm a little obsessed with my Japanese lunchbox.

10. Music history is cool. I really like the part where Renaissance composer Gesualdo caught his wife having an affair, and supposedly thrust a sword through both her and her lover at the same time, in one stab, while they were naked together in bed. Then he spent the rest of his life hiring young boys to flog and whip him all day long, partially out of guilt, and partially out of the enjoyment of being whipped by young boys. That's some seriously awesome drama right there.

Pamela said...

Congratulations, Scott!! :-)

Suze said...

1. tired, but otherwise fine.

2. nope. just yer run-of-the-mill third trimester insomnia

3. no, i don't remember, but if i did they would probably bore you :)

4. yes! burned granola (i really need to set the timer when i make that stuff) and one of stuart's superb lattes.

5. pretty much. BBC, NYT, CNN, all online.

6. :)

7. sadly, none. i'm on a book hiatus until after oct. 15 (dissertation due date)

8. Interweave Knits and I bought a subscription to Gourmet a couple months ago, succumbing to a kid selling subscriptions door to door. Come to think of it, I should have probably received one by now. Oh, we also get Mother Earth News.

9. Yes (seeing as it's nearly 8pm). I had leftover beans and rice that were pretty good.

10. yes, absolutely. it's my doctoral minor. but i'm burnt out on interesting music history stuff from writing my maybe i'll share another time.