Monday, October 08, 2007

Getting to Know You

1. What kind of computer are you using right now?
2. How many computers do you own? What kind are they?
3. Which do you prefer? Mac or PC?
4. What was the first computer you ever had?
5. When's the last time you played a video game? What was it?
6. What video game(s) do you remember liking as a kid (if any)?
7. Do you know any computer programming languages?
8a. Do you prefer Finale or Sibelius? (if applicable)
8b. If not, do you write snail mail letters?
9. Do you have a digital camera?
10. Do you have an iPod?

(me - 1.a Mac G3 Laptop; 2. just this one; 3.i like macs better because they have built-in speakers. i like PCs better because it's easier to hide and retrieve programs. i'm more used to using macs since that's mostly what i have owned, even though i have years of experience using PCs for work. oh, the other thing i like better about macs is that it's easier to type up program notes- song lyrics in other languages - because the shortcut keys are really easy to find/use.; 4. Atari 800 (It was my brother's)... Hmmm.. but now I'm confused - was that the video game system or the computer? Didn't we have an Apple Computer??; 5. I haven't played a proper video game in a while, but had fun playing "double wires" on the computer today; 6. ms.pacman, millipede, frogger, donkey kong, miner 2049er; 7. "know" is a strong word. i am familiar with html, css, javascript, and python.; 8. i've used both and don't have a preference at this point, so i'll answer the next question, too. yes; 9. no - i don't own one, but i'm borrowing my mom's.; 10. no)


Suze said...

1. a powermac of some sort. It's only about a year old.

2. 2. this one and a 4yo macintosh powerbook G4.

3. Mac, obviously. They don't crash, they don't get viruses, they come with all the basic programs you need, and they look nice.

4. Dull (dell) something-or-other. My family's first computer is still in use (my dad can NOT let go of it). it's a 17yo IBM with DOS 3.0.

5. I don't even remember.

6. Tetris.

7. nope

8a. I've only used Finale, but even that not very much, so I'm not a good judge.

8b. Yes, occasionally.

9. Yes, we have a nice one and we use it ALL the time.

10. yes, and I never use it, though Stuart does.

Andre said...

1.Mac Book
2. This one, an orange laptop I bought very used when working on my diss., and a first model iMac. .(remember the sea-green variety?)
3. Mac for most things
4. that did more than play video games? an Apple IIc during the Reagan years. It was the family computer.
5. Last weekend. . Ms. PacMan with my girlfriend in the mall. . that was fun!
6. Galaxa!!
7. I used to be pretty good with Unix. . I've got to learn it again for next term.
8a. Sibelius, hands down. . . though the gap in product quality has shrunk in the last 3 or 4 years.
9. Not yet.
10. Yes.

Pamela said...

Yay, Ms. Pacman!! :-)

Andre said...
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Ian said...

1. MacBook Pro

2. Lots. Somewhere near 20. The only two I really use are a windows PC I built myself recently and a unix server that runs my websites.

3. PC. Macs are utter trash. Not that windows is an amazinly good operating system, but I know from using both extensively that the only reason to like a mac is because you think the OS looks pretty. As far as both usability and power, it is without a doubt inferior to windows (xp, not vista) in almost every way. The only exception I would make would be for expose, which is both attractive and a very good usability feature.

4. I guess a commodore 64, although the first real computer I had was an Apple IIe.

5. Yesterday evening. Double Wires, a rather addictive Flash game.

6. Karateka and some pirates game on the Apple IIe.

7. Yes.

8a. Finale.

9. Yes.

10. No. I don't like headphones -- they hurt my ears (and earbuds hurt my ear canals).

Scott said...

1. I'm using a Powerbook.

2. This is all I own. I looove it.

3. I'm a huge Mac convert. To me, it's the difference between something that's very flexible but completely illogical and indiscriminate (my old PC) or something that's perhaps less flexible, but perfectly logical, smart, and streamlined (my Mac). There's never a program running that I don't know is running, there's never a bit of spyware to be found, there are no hidden things on the hard drive... just nice, easy use of a machine.

4. I really really loved my Commodore 64 as a kid.

5. I played boxing on my friend's new Wii the other day. So much fun! And I have arm cramps!

6. I loved "Zack McCracken" and "Maniac Mansion" and all those language-based adventure games.

7. I used to know BASIC and Logo!

8. I'm a Sibelius addict! Best thing that every happened to me. As far as snail mail letters go... er, not much. I love them, but I never get around to writing them.

9. I have kind of a crappy one that I don't use much. I'm hoping for a nice new one for the holidays this year.

10. I do have an iPod, and I do enjoy it a great deal for the bus and such. It makes me very happy to have all that music with me everywhere.

Jake said...

1. Dell PC - well, I'm at work.

2. All told, 4, but I only use one. Lessee, a Dell laptop hand-me-down from mom, an old Mac hand-me-down from mom (a grey one, before they got all colorful), an HP laptop, and the one I use is a homebuilt PC.

3. Well, I've never used a Mac for extended periods, though I philosophically like them better...

4. Atari 800 (yay, Pam!) - it was Atari's two cartridge home computer, and I never had a game machine of theirs (or anyone's, really).

5. Oh, played Jardinains the other night for a minute. Not so into them.

6. Hm. My dad wrote a hang gliding simulator for the Atari, and when we got PC clone (an AT&T) I loved Chuck Yeager's Flight Simulator.

7. Yeah, comfortable with html, css, and I can work with javascript, though I can't code from scratch.

8a. Never used either; 8b. Not so much.

9. Only on the cell phone.

10. Nope! And proud of it!