Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting to Know You

1. Do you own a record player? If so, about how many LPs do you own? If not, have you ever owned one?

2. Do you own a tape player? Do you own any cassette tapes?

3. If you have a car, what kind of music system do you have in it?

4. Do you listen to the radio?

5. Is there any music playing where you are right now? If so, what? If not, what would you like to hear (if you had your druthers)?

(me - 1. i think there is a record player with my name on it in my dad's house somewhere... and probably a bunch of LPs... some joni mitchell, michael jackson's thriller, genesis-genesis, men at work...; 2. yes. yes, some books on tape.; 3. a crappy tape player, but i have an adapter so i can play CDs from my CD walkman.; 4. i like to listen to NPR when i have the opportunity. occasionally i surf through the stations for a good song and sometimes i listen to the opera.; 5. no. :-( a brahms symphony would be nice.)


Scott said...

1. I don't own a record player. But I had an awesome Fisher-Price plastic one when I was a kid, and my mom had a big fancy one that could play multiple stacked records and flip them over for you... I loved that.

2. I do own a tape player, and have a lot of great mix tapes from friends through the years. Somehow, a mix CD is just too easy to make, so it doesn't have the blood, sweat, and tears invested like a good old-fashioned mix tape.

3. I have a CD player and radio in the car. AND, last year for my birthday, my lovely wife got me a hookup so I can plug my iPod right into the car stereo, which is awesome.

4. I do listen to the radio! Some talk shows (Stephanie Miller! Yay!) and some classical stuff on NPR and WORT (local community radio). Mostly in the car though. Rarely at home.

5. I just downloaded the new Radiohead album available only online, and you pay whatever you think is right, and I'm LOVING it. YAY for new distribution schemes and awesome music online.

Suze said...

1. No.

2. Yes, but it's in a cheap boom box thing and doesn't work. There's a tape stuck in it right now. I might have some cassettes somewhere but they're probably ancient.

3. A radio with pretty bad speakers. We have an iPod with an iRock, but we rarely use it.

4. Yes. Love NPR.

5. Nope. It's late and the house is quiet, but I have lots of the stuff from my dissertation going through my head right now. Fun!

Jake said...

1. Nope

2. Yes, but it's a little portable recorder (not a walkman) and I don't listen to music on it. I think I have some tapes buried somewhere, though...

3. A broken one.

4. Before my car system broke, yes.

5. Nope. Hm. I could go for pretty much anything - Madonna, Charpentier, whatever.