Tuesday, October 16, 2007

**Hmm... maybe you shouldn't answer this quiz... not that you were going to. I'm not collecting data or anything. I just couldn't think of any better questions.**

Getting to Know Some Very Trivial Things About You

1. What color is your hair?

2. Is your current color natural or dyed? Have you ever dyed your hair?

3. How are you wearing your hair right now?

4. What color are your eyes?

5. Are you wearing glasses?

6. What kind of shoes do you have on?

7. Are your toenails painted?

8. Do you have any piercings on your body?

9. Do you have any tattoos?

10. Do you have any interesting scars?

11. Are you wearing any jewelry?

12. What is the last beverage you drank?

(me - 1. brown; 2. natural(i think), yes - many, many times; 3. down, curly, back in a barrette; 4. blue; 5. no - contacts; 6. gold flats that look like ballet slippers; 7. yep; 8. yep - one hole in each of my earlobes; 9. nope; 10. i don't know about interesting, but i have a scar below the first knuckle on my right hand and one in the middle of the bottom of my left foot - both from glass cuts; 11. yep - 3 rings on my fingers, a watch, earrings; 12. water)


Jake said...

1. Mouse brown, for my website :)

2. Natural, and no

3. Oh, the usual mop

4. Blue

5. Nope

6. I call them my old world shoes - old Bass walkers that have been re-soled and repaired a couple times by a local shoe guy. They look, well, old world

7. Uh, no

8. Uh, no

9. Uh, no

10. Nothing very interesting - my knees have a few, but that's pretty much it

11. A ring

12. Coffee - still working on it, even though it's gone cold

So, now you've collected all little bits of info that might interest law enforcement! Heh.

Suze said...

1. brown with a touch of gray

2. natural/i tried with kool-aid once in high school, but it just turned my ears and scalp red

3. in a ponytail. i'm not sure if i've brushed it yet today

4. greenish-brown. it's sort of hard to pinpoint the color (daniel's eyes are exactly the same as mine!)

5. no, contacts

6. nada

7. no

8. just the lobes

9. nada

10. none that are interesting

11. nope

12. water

boy, i'm fascinating :)

Steph said...

1. Very dark brown, black by some angles

2. Natural, but yes. I've gone blacker, I've done red hightlights, and I'm fairly certain I was the bad influence responsibile for the high school Kool-Aid incident mentioned by Suze.

3. Chin length, new cut, one barrette to keep the choppy bits out of my face

4. brown

5. contacts AND reading glasses

6. gray felt house slippers

7. no, and they haven't been for years

8. three holes in the left earlobe, one in the right. I dream of piercing my nose but have never done it for some reason

9. nope--that's one temptation I've managed to resist

10. motorcycle exhaust pipe scar on my calf from my uncle Tim's bike; got it when I was a kid

11. small hoop earrings, wedding ring, bead necklace looped around my wrist because I like it better as a bracelet

12. water

HermanNewticks said...

1) Brown with gray sprinkles
2) natch, natch
3) short, with the front missing
4) Brown
5) just took 'em off. +2.5 both eyes
6) none. socks at the moment
7) no paint
8) no piercings
9) no ink
10) good scars on my hands from bike accidents, gnarly knee scars from surgery
11) wedding band (white gold)
12) raspberry seltzer

Hey Pam. I dropped you a line last month, but my full post, including proper identifying info didn't make it. This is Bill P, philosopher friend of Adrienne Caravan from Rutgers St. in Rochester. I stumbled on your site by accident, looking for her, b/c I just moved to Herndon, VA, and I recall her being here. Anyway, all is good here, and your blog makes things sound pretty good by you. I hope Ian's ankle heals well. I did mine a week before my wedding. It took a while to heal, but it's pretty ok now...take care