Monday, October 22, 2007

Getting To Know You

1. When's the last time you took a leisurely, recreational walk around the neighborhood where you live?

2. When's the last time you took a relaxing bath?

3. When's the last time you made rice crispy treats or cookies or some sort of treat just for fun?

4. When did you last spend time looking at the stars (either through a telescope or not)?

5. When's the last time you sat somewhere and watched the sun set or rise?

6. When is the last time you went on a hike in the woods?

7. When's the last time you went to the beach (or to some body of water)?

8. When's the last time you played with a child - blocks or legos or something?

9. When's the last time you actively played with a cat or dog -- like fetch or chase the string or something?

10. When is the last time you hugged somebody?

11. What refreshes you -- restores your energy -- helps you get rid of stress?

(me - 1. several weeks ago -- but it wasn't really technically my neighborhood...; 2. Friday; 3. sometime in April, I think; 4. in mid-August near Point Reyes, CA; 5. not sure; 6. in mid-August somewhere in CA; 7. October 6th in San Francisco; 8. in September in Madison, WI (Daniel!); 9. in September in Chicago, IL (Mochi!); 10. yesterday; 11. running)


Scott said...

1. I loooove to take a nice walk around the neighborhood, but I haven't in a month or so. Too little time for nice walks. Bah.

2. I took a relaxing bath about a week ago. I love baths.

3. I made an apple cake about a week and a half ago. Sometimes you have too many apples. And sometimes they need to be turned into cake.

4. In August, I spent a night out in a campground watching the meteor showers.

5. I watched the sun set many times this summer out in New Hampshire, but never really without doing something else at the same time. I should change that.

6. I went on a hike in the woods in August, up a small mountain in Vermont.

7. I went to the beach this summer, in June or so, visiting my dad who lives a block from the ocean in New Jersey. I grew up with beach all the time, but I don't get there all that often anymore.

8. I played catch with a little 2-year-old boy this afternoon!

9. Um... I played some silly kitten games with my friend's 2 kittens about a month ago. They were tiny and kept running into furniture by mistake.

10. I hugged my wife about 10 minutes ago.

11. Getting rid of stress... hm... listening to music in a calm, otherwise quiet environment always helps. Last week, I found an afternoon to lie in bed and listen peacefully to some ambient electronic music. It was nice.

Suze said...

1. If you count taking my kid to the park...I think Saturday.

2. Can't remember. Our bathtub is a little cramped.

3. My mom made kick-arse chocolate cake last week. Does that count?

4. I saw the transit of Venus through a telescope. That was a few years ago.

5. Last week I sat on the couch with my son sleeping on my lap and watched it get light outside, though I couldn't see the sun rising very well.

6. July at Devil's Lake.

7. I was in Malibu in June (before it caught on fire), and we went to the beach a few times. When I got home, we took Daniel to the Tenney Park beach on Lake Mendota...not quite the same ;)

8. 20 minutes ago!

9. Er, not sure. It's been a while, clearly.

10. Today.

11. Lunch!

Jake said...

1. Ooh, just walking for walking? In my neighborhood, it's been a while - maybe not since June

2. Probably even longer. I'm too tall for most bathtubs, so I don't indulge very often...

3. Well, if steak au poivre counts as a treat (it does to me!) I made that last night.

4. Mid-August, I watched the meteor shower on the beach.

5. June, when I was in Maine, watching the sun set behind the hills with the light gloaming over the water.

6. Last year I hiked Monadnock with a friend.

7. See no. 4. :)

8. Oh, years. There aren't many kids around my life. A few babies, but putting a goofy face in front of them doesn't feel like playing blocks or legos.

9. I play with Ophelia all the time, but she gets bored with games real fast. Goofy cat.

10. Well, Sunday after the concert, but you mean a real *huh* hug? A few weeks ago, last time I visited my family in Exeter.

11. Cooking, exercise.