Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I started reading a book by Bill Bryson the other day, which I found very amusing until I realized about 100 pages in that every chapter is really a short news column which adheres to the same basic formula (as a catchy news column should), but which gets tiresome after a while. I definitely plan to finish the book, but I need a little break from his predictable catchy endings.

This morning I remembered that I used to really like reading Dave Barry's column, so I googled and found a link to his columns and his blog. The first column I read (and the only one I've read so far, as I should really start working...) was about a man doing a ridiculously crazy and stupid stunt, which reminded me of an article Ian pointed out to me yesterday that possibly explains why men do such stupid things sometimes. It's quite interesting actually. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you're interested in commenting on it.

**note: although this article is very thought provoking and has some definite truth to it, it bothers me for a number of reasons. i suppose as animals, our main purpose in life *is* in fact to reproduce - to replace ourselves before we die. i, however, have never viewed my life this way. perhaps i have been deluding myself. i have never considered before that the reason i'm not more successful in my field is because i'm not ambitious enough - that i'm not motivated enough to succeed because i essentially don't *need* to be successful in a career in order to reproduce (which is what i think the article suggests). as a woman, if my main goal is to reproduce and the best way for me to do that is to "play it safe", why on earth did i go to graduate school? why have i moved nine times in the last five years? what is with all this "risky" behavior on my part? am i confused? do i think i'm a man? i think the issues are much more complex than they are laid out in this article, though i understand that the article/his argument is successful in part because of its simplicity.**

Have you read any interesting articles lately you'd like to share?


Suze said...

okay, i didn't read that article, but it's ridiculous to suggest that women are less ambitious in terms of career b/c it has nothing to do with reproducing. our culture and society has evolved further than that. anyone who thinks differently is being mysongynist. (i can't spell that word)

Pamela said...

well... you kinda have to read the article then... i don't think the article is mysogynistic (sp?). i think he has a good point in many ways and it's not really fair (to the author) to judge the article based on what i wrote.