Sunday, October 07, 2007

Yesterday I went to Golden Gate Park with my awesome new friend, Emily. There is so much to explore there and we really only scratched the surface, so I can't wait to go back sometime and see more!

Here are some photos from the east side of the park:

(there was a path that went around a pond (where there were lots of ducks and some turtles sitting on logs) and then up a hill. there was a waterfall on the hill. there were some nice views from the top of the hill)


(turtle on log)

(pond where you can rent boats)

(view from top of hill)

Here are a few photos from the beach on the west side:

(the beach is on the far side of the park)

(you see the windmill when you look inland from the ocean)

(someone had built some really neat sand sculptures on the beach. this is just one of them. i do believe this is an alligator.)

(this is a jellyfish we ran across while walking on the beach.)

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DJ said...

love your pics but would love it if
you would add some discriptive labels
to the individual pics.