Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Quiz Friday!

1. What kind of tree is this?

2. What geological process caused these rocks to end up like this?

3. What kind of stone is this?

4. What's this?

5. What's this?

6. What's this?

7. What sort of language is this?

8. What kind of tree is this?

9. What's this? What's it for?

10. What is this person (err.. drawing of a person) doing?

(The winner still gets a prize -- I swear!! I promise I will get back with the program on this... I haven't used the post office yet since I've been out here... but I will! I promise!)

1 comment:

Jake said...

1. Joshua tree
2. Dissolving, or etching
3. Lapis Lazuli
4. CPU mini board minus pins and protective case
5. Sine wave, 2 cycles
6. Trilobite fossil
7. Programming language, I’m guessing C++
8. California Redwood – such amazing trees!
9. Rosin for violin (etc.) bows
10. Fencing! En garde position