Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wow - I guess you never know what posts are going to interest people and which are going to spark a heated debate. That was *quite* a heated debate, I must say. Whew! I would have thought the post *before* the music education/performance post (which pointed to an article about the differences between women and men) would have ignited something, but perhaps it didn't because I didn't do a very good job setting it up. Or, maybe it's not as interesting as I thought it was.

Anyway, this morning about a half-hour or so before my alarm went off I noticed that one of my legs was completely asleep. I don't know how that happened. And then probably exactly one minute before it went off, I thought to myself "My alarm is going to go off in one minute". That is really strange. It's happened to me before, but still, it's pretty weird.

I am always in search of new funny things, because laughter is essential in my life. Here are a few things I think are funny: (I may add to this list...)

The Humans Are Dead
Basic Instructions
Mispelled Menus
Marty Kulp & Bobbi Mohan-Kulp
Bill Bryson

What do *you* think is funny?

**Oh - PS - Does anyone know what causes foot cramps? I keep getting them.**


Andre said...

I was just yesterday thinking about what I laugh at while listening to Fresh Air. . Teri Gross is a big Sara Silverman fan, and I'm well. . . not. Sarcasm is dead to me. . I get what folks are after. . it just feels really cheap when done wrong. . I don't see why everyone thinks she's the living end.

I like exactly the opposite: people who earnestly and sincerely do bizarre things. That makes me laugh.

Take this for example:

Suze said...

i've been getting foot cramps lately and i think it's pregnancy related. not that i'm suggesting you're pregnant...anyway, i hear that eating bananas helps...