Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I get really sad sometimes when I think about the family holiday traditions from my childhood that we are no longer able to keep on because of deaths, marriages, relocation, etc. As a child I spent every Thanksgiving either at my own house in Syracuse, NY or at my Aunt and Uncle's in Potsdam, NY. And, we all spent every Christmas at my Grandma and Grandpa's place in Galesburg, IL. (We drove there from Syracuse/Potsdam every year.) We were always together. Now we are all spread out -- in Florida, Virginia, New York, Michigan, Colorado, and California -- and the traditions we continued well past my college graduation have now become impossible to maintain. But, when I start getting all weepy and nostalgic about it, it occurs to me that perhaps I need to make an effort to let go of the past. So, I've decided it would be fun to dream up some new holiday traditions. Wanna help? What do you think would be a good holiday tradition to begin?

How about:

- Thanksgiving eve cinnamon toast party
- Thanksgiving turkey stuffed with lo-mein
- Sledding through the streets of SF (we don't need snow... we've got enough hills)
- Annual toothpaste smoke-a-thon
- Holiday caroling with tri-tone harmonies
- Advent wreath with sparklers
- Advent calendar -- shot of whisky a day
- Boxing Day pillow fight and jell-o wrestling

Do you have any favorite traditions?


Ian said...

I am all for the Boxing Day pillow fight and jello wrestling!

Suze said...

singing stille nacht on xmas eve...that always makes us weepy, but it's a nice thing to do.

for me, thanksgiving traditions area all about the food. it's the one time of year i make jello salad (cranberry salad with lots of yummy stuff in it like oranges and walnuts and celery). this year my family's coming so we ordered an heirloom turkey from a local farm.

Scott said...

Iceland has some of the best holidays EVER. The Monday before Lent is "Cream Puff Day"... seriously. Children are supposed to spank their parents on the butt with a little fuzzy wand the night before, and then the next day, they eat as many cream puffs as spanks they scored. I'm not making this up! And then the next day, Tuesday, is "Exploding Day," where you eat huge amounts of split pea and salted lamb soup until you might explode.

Also, and this is my favorite, March 1st is "Beer Day" in Iceland, to celebrate the end of their prohibition... which was only in 1985. No alcohol was allowed, and now that they (thank goodness) legalized it again, it's a national holiday. That makes me very happy.

I had some friends from Iceland a while back, and we used to have stupid silly celebrations on these days. Fun stuff!