Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting to Know You

1. What are the last three meals you made at home?

2. What are some of your favorite things to cook for dinner?

3. Do you plan meals ahead of time or just wing it?

4. How often do you eat out?

5. What was the last good meal you ate out?

6. What items do you buy at the grocery store every week (must you always have in the house)?

(me - 1. french toast, pancakes, spaghetti?; 2. indian biryani, pasta w/ marinara sauce; 3. i usually wing it; 4. it depends; 5. sushi a few weeks ago - it was yummy; 6. bread, eggs, skim milk, cheese)


Jake said...

1. Including what I'm cooking right now: mac and cheese (from scratch, not the box), spaghetti carbonara, eggs in black butter

2. Anything with cheese in it, beef burgandy, spaghetti w/basic tomato sauce

3. Usually just wing it, unless I'm doing something specific like beef burgandy

4. Too often - lunches a few times a week, dinner, maybe once a week

5. A prix fixe meal at Tu Y Yo - amazing Mexican (not Tex or Cali or New Mexican) place. Holy cow it was divine!

Steph said...

1. a fried egg and toast (which i just now ate), south indian rasam soup, cabbage gratin

2. eric and i make corn tortillas with beans and fried peppers or whatever's available at least once a week. i make the tortillas, he does everything else.

3. if "ahead of time" means a few hours in advance of the meal, than yeah, we plan sometimes. but rarely shop with specific meals in mind. when we don't plan the conversation goes something like this. "i'm hungry." "me too." "i'm so hungry i can't think straight." "we should could go out." "we can't. we shouldn't." "you're right." "we could make lentil soup." "yuck. i want nachos. or fried potatoes." "we need to use up ___." "what are we going to do with ___?" "hell if i know." *pause* repeat conversation until one of us screams.

4. rarely. once a month would be a high estimate.

5. indian food, with the women's group i'm part of, last friday.

6. flour, eggs, onions, potatoes, whatever fresh produce is seasonal and decent-looking

Suze said...

1. thawed soup for dinner tonight with stu's awesome bread, oatmeal for breakfast, homemade tortillas with refried beans and sauteed onions and peppers for dinner last night

2. tortillas, lasagna, homemade pasta with sauce

3. sort of a combination--i'll think of stuff i want to cook throughout the week while we're grocery shopping, but i don't make a real plan, especially these days

4. breakfast once a week. other than that, very very rarely.

5. the pancakes at lazy jane's were pretty good last weekend! before that, probably 6 weeks ago we went to a new indian place that was REALLY good

6. flour, milk, eggs, yogurt, everything else depends on the season and our whims