Friday, January 18, 2008

Insight Needed

Why does scientific research often result in the sort of conclusions any reasonably intelligent junior high school student could come up with?

From an article titled, Hormone Fluctuations May Be Responsible For Many Mood Disturbances In Women, published in December 2007 in Science Daily ("your source for the latest research news"):

"The researchers concluded that when reproductive hormones are removed, premenstrual symptoms or PMS disappears."

They figured out the obvious, but unfortunately...

"more research is needed to figure out WHY some women are more susceptible to depression during hormonal transitions than others."

What good are you people??

Related stories:

What Is The Link Between Women's Hormones And Mood Disorders?

which comes to some startling conclusions...:

"Previous research has found that, before puberty, the rates of mood and anxiety disorders are similar in boys and girls. It's only after females begin menstrual function that a gender differential in mood disorders manifests itself. This, coupled with the observation that women appear to be especially vulnerable to mood disturbances during times of hormonal flux, certainly lends support to the claim that a relationship exists between sex hormones and mood."



danam said...

hmmmm; perhaps NIH funding could be secured to ascertain what, if any, connection there is between so-called "cramps" reported by many women (but very few men)and the presence of a uterus. Treatment for these "pains", of course, is probably years off.

Suze said...


(insert dope slap here...)