Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Break Lapse

Hello all of you who are persistent enough to still check my blog... I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I have thought of a few things that might be interesting to write about, but frankly I just don't have as much time anymore. Here is a short summary of two things I was thinking I'd write about:

SMOKERS - I am really, really annoyed at smokers these days. I walk for at least an hour every day -- to and from work, plus other errands, etc. -- and it is inevitable that at some point during my walk, and often many times during the course of a walk, I am *forced* to breathe in cigarette smoke. It is unbelievable to me that I can't avoid second-hand smoke walking OUTSIDE, but that is where all the smokers are smoking now. Either I walk past someone standing outside smoking outside a building or I end up walking behind someone smoking and have to walk fast to get ahead of them. Either way, it is completely inevitable and I'm not too happy about it. I would just like it to be my choice if I'm going to breathe in smoke or not, but that is not the case.

RAW FOOD DIET - Ian and I decided to embark on an all raw food diet for the season of Lent (Ash Wednesday to Easter). I wasn't certain I wanted to talk about it because I didn't want anyone worrying about me. Now that we're at Day 19, I feel secure telling you that we are both totally healthy and feeling fine. We're not in any way starving ourselves; we've both lost a pound or two, but nothing dramatic. Neither of us is finding ourselves hungry very often, because we both eat pretty much non-stop all day long*. We're mostly eating fruits and vegetables, but also nuts, seeds, dried fruits, cold/expeller pressed oils, spices, dehydrated crackers [apparently it's ok in the raw food world to heat things up to 105 degrees, but no further...], etc. We live in San Francisco, of course, where we are lucky enough to have a CHAIN of restaurants devoted to serving really, really delicious, gourmet raw food. [Cafe Gratitude] We also have the MOST AMAZING co-op I have ever been to in my life. [Rainbow Grocery] The hardest part for me in embarking on a diet that includes no cooked foods was giving up coffee. I think I was detoxing from my caffeine addiction for at least the first week and a half. Now that I actually sleep at night and wake up rested and have figured out how to work without all that jolting buzz in my veins, I feel much better. The best part of the diet so far for me has been that it has allowed me to quit taking Prilosec (an acid reflux medication). I had been on that medication for over 5 years and found that I couldn't go off it without suffering from a bad acidic taste in my mouth and much discomfort in my stomach. I had heartburn for a couple of days last week, but no more since then. I have been feeling much better and think my digestive system is generally much happier. We are still experimenting to widen the menu of this diet. Ian made some amazingly delicious dips a few days ago -- a sunflower tahini, a pine nut tahini, and an olive and jalapeno tapenade. I successfully made pesto last night and made a decent dip of almonds and olives before that. We ate them all ravenously with fresh cut vegetables and/or dehydrated crackers. Yum.

I hope you are all well. I will try to post again soon!

*a typical day might include mangoes, bananas, clementines, grapefruit, apples, tomatoes, avocados (or guacamole), cucumbers, LARA bars, a smoothie made with everything that looks good, spinach, celery, some mixed nuts and raisins, red, yellow, or orange peppers, one of the dips I mentioned above, HurRaw bell pepper dehydrated cracker/chips, ice cream made from almond milk sweetened with agave nectar, etc.

Sunday, February 03, 2008