Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Getting to Know You

(Note: In case you haven't done this before, put your answers into a comment by clicking on the "COMMENTS" link below the post. You can click on the "Show original post" link to see the questions while typing your answers.)

1. What's the weather like in your city right now?
2. How awake are you today?
3. What did you eat for breakfast?
4. What are you wearing?
5. Are you procrastinating anything?
6. When is your birthday?
7. If you had a day off in which you could get away somewhere, where would you go?
8. What's the last book you finished reading?
9. When's the last time you did any sort of formal exercise?
10. Are you on any sort of doctor-ordered diet or exercise plan?

(1. 50F, mostly sunny, windy; 2. pretty awake so far; 3. nothing so far; 4. pajamas; 5. yes - doing taxes (and some other stuff, too); 6. april 28; 7. out of the city to somewhere pretty with flowers and squirrels and hummingbirds and stuff; 8. The Places In Between by Rory Stewart; 9. I walk for about 30 minutes to and from work every day, but I haven't done any *real* exercise in quite a while - not since I moved to SF; 10. Yes - high salt for low blood pressure)


Suze said...

1. Cold and wet
2. Eh, moderately.
3. Cranberry-chocolate chip sweet rolls that I made last night (call me Martha Stewart...)
4. Black t-shirt, corduroy jeans, rubber gardening shoes, and a baby.
5. cleaning.
6. Dec 29. I'll be 30 at my next one!
7. Just for one day? Someplace quiet where no one needs a diaper change.
8. Grace (Eventually) by anne lamott.
9.I went running on Saturday for the first time in at least a year.
10. Nope!

Jake said...

1. Sunny, humid, almost springlike. Getting into the 60s!!

2. Fairly; had a hard time waking up, tho.

3. Kashi instant oatmeal at work.

4. Jeans, short-sleeve button-down shirt.

5. Hoo boy. Memorizing, practicing, taxes, that clock. What don't I procrastinate doing??

6. Um. May. Sometime. I'm a Taurus, ergo, full of bull.

7. Probly Vermont.

8. The Amber Spyglass.

9. Formal, eh? well, it's been about a year since I've been to kung fu, but I do get 4 miles of walking a day for the commute.

10. Nope. Doctors? What are those?

Steph said...

1. Wet and 50s-ish. Overcast. Blah.
2. Ish
3. A few pieces of raisin bread I made slathered with butter, apple
4. Jeans, black knit t-shirt, nasty old brown sweater
5. Yes, a fieldwork interview I am doing this weekend and am completely unprepared for and don't want to prepare for because I would rather read and bum around
6. May 14. Also a bull.
7. Someplace green and sunny with some fresh body of water
8. Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett
9. Yesterday, a walk and some yoga
10. No

Jake said...

Hey, Steph, you share my dad's birthday!

Dana M said...

Hi Pam, your birthday is the day after my Peter's!
1.upper 30s, blowing rain
2.pretty sleepy
3.egg fried in hole cut in slice of bread
4.jeans, sweater, slippers
5.washing my hair and going to bed
6.january 23
7.somewhere beachy
8.Little Town on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and All About Worms
9.this afternoon
10.vitamins for lactating people

Scott said...

1. Cold and... snowing? In April? Bah!
2. Not very awake at all. Happens with a 5-week-old.
3. A breadstick with cream cheese on it, and 2 oatmeal cookies.
4. Jeans and a comfy long-sleeve T-shirt.
5. I'm procrastinating getting ready to leave for a rehearsal, packing a diaper bag, and so on.
6. June 24th!
7. A day off? I'd sleep all day in bed and then go out to a nice dinner and a movie with my wife.
8. "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle
9. Only casual exercise for me, no formalities allowed.
10. Nope. Just, you know, eat good and stuff.