Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Steph tagged me to describe 5 Weird Things About Me. So... here I go:

1. I'm tall. I've been this tall since high school, but I never realized how tall I am compared to other people. I always thought I was on the tall side of things for women, but never realized that I'm actually taller than most men, too. [I'm a bit shy of 5'9". I just looked at a chart of averages. It looks like only 5% of women are as tall or taller than me. 50% of men are shorter than me.] Now when I walk through the streets of San Francisco, I am hugely aware of my size. When I was younger, other women always told me I was lucky to be so tall. People told me I was lucky to have such nice, long legs. Now I just feel like a giant. (which is silly.)

Oh, another weird thing related to my tallness is that I'm tall, but I can fit into petite sized clothing. I have a petite torso on giant legs. I'm a freak.

2. One of my very favorite songs has a chorus that goes, "The humans are dead. The humans are dead. We used poisonous gases to poison their asses..."

3. I have a very unusual last name. It's Norwegian. No one can spell it.

4. I love people who know a lot of things because I love to ask questions.

5. I like grumpy people because I know they are just miserable and don't mean to be grumpy. It makes me happy if I can make a grumpy person feel better.


Steph said...

OK, I cannot believe this slipped me by the first time I read it, but you are obviously a Flight of the Conchords fan. w00t! Aren't they awesome? Isn't Jemaine yummy? My personal favorite is "Business Time."

Pam said...

Actually, I'm more into Britt... :-) That's awesome that you love Flight of the Conchords, too. They rock.