Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Sopranos

Another idea that has been running around in my mind is that of putting on operas with casts of all women, in the sort of style as men sometimes do and certainly did for a great part of theatre history. There are SO many more female singers than male ones that the world is overrun with talented women singers who have no one to hire them. What about doing La Boheme with an all female cast? How crazy would that be? Not so crazy if you ask me.


Andre said...

A gender reversal on Boheme would be amazing! How awesome it would be to see that work turned on its head with a male Mimi!

Scott said...

I've always wanted to write an all-female cast opera for this reason. I think that's the reason the stupid (in my opinion...) Little Women opera gets done over and over, is it has good parts for so many female singers. So you should combine your entrepreneurial ideas! Get some new music going in a parlor-type atmosphere, and then get a bunch of all-female opera things going. yaaaaay!