Friday, July 18, 2008

Getting to Know You

1. Name a way in which you changed/improved your life this past week.
(Feel free to answer this alternative question for #1: Name something annoying you had to deal with this week.)

2. Name something you'd like to change/improve in your life this coming week.

3. What's the last delicious food you ate?

4. What's something delicious you'd like to eat soon?

5. Name something exciting you did recently.

6. What's something you're looking forward to in the near future?

7. If you could travel to anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

8. What's the next best thing you could do to traveling to that place without leaving the city where you live?

(me: 1. I started a new way of making TO DO lists at work that are proving to be much more effective; (answer to alternative #1: I had to go to the DMV on Monday. That sucked. And, I have to go back tomorrow. Oh joy.); 2. I would like to get back into the habit of eating well and I'd like to stretch my body more; 3. I had 3 really ripe and flavorful plums last night; 4. I would like to eat more delicious fruit; 5. I started looking through some of the arias my new voice teacher recommended, sang through them, and started translating them... Also, I've been reading a book that's pretty exciting; 6. I rented some episodes of "The Family Guy" that I haven't seen and I'm really excited to watch them tonight; 7. I would like to lie on a warm, sandy beach on a tropical island; 8. Hmmm, I could buy the ingredients for pina coladas and buy tropical flowers and hang out in my apartment in my bathing suit, maybe take a dip in the bathtub... Or, I could go out to a Tiki bar and drink tropical drinks... Or, I could bundle up in really warm clothing and go to the beach! Or, I could find a book or movie about people lying on a beach on a tropical island and live vicariously through them.)

3 comments: said...

1.sanded, repaired, primed, and painted my outside window trim

2. would like to include more photography-related projects in
my week

3. sloppy joes- I was at Wegmans and
saw these packets called simply organic- and one was called Sloppy
Joes- so I got it and of course fake
ground beef and I have looked forward to having these sloppy joes four times this week!

4. one from the case of Pecan Pie Larabars I just got

5.Putting black mulch on my perennial garden and around my trees-reminds me of the black soil
from Illinois where I grew up-
also watching butterlies on my purple coneflowers

6.going to Denver and San Francisco

7. Galapagos Islands

8.I could close my eyes and go there in my mind

Scott said...

1. So many ways my life was changed this week, but I'll start with finding a great house to live in for $400 a month, and then managing to score myself an amazing class to teach next semester.

2. This week, I would like to get my baby to take longer naps. We started working on it this week, so I just want to follow through and make it happen.

3. I had a little scrambled egg from a local farm on an amazing French baguette with butter and tomato this morning. Mmmm.

4. There's a roast chicken with lemons, potatoes, and fennel in the oven, and it should be ready in half an hour. Can't wait!

5. Exciting. Hmm. I recorded a percussion concerto! That was pretty fun.

6. I'm looking forward to teaching that class in a month or so. Yay! I'm trying to look forward to moving, because I think the benefits of doing it will be very good, but I'm a little scared of moving and leaving some things behind.

7. I'd like to tour around Italy very much.

8. I could... um... eat a lot of Italian food? Open up all my windows and pretend the breeze is coming from the Mediterranean?

Suze said...

1. My 2yo and I mopped the kitchen floor. Big improvement, believe me.

2. I would LIKE to get more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep in a night, but that's not gonna happen. I'd also like to get some aspect of the house a little cleaner, which can happen if I buckle down and do it. God, I'm boring.

3. Homemade noodles with marinara sauce and homemade pesto. Stunning.

4. Whatever's for dinner tonight. Maybe pizza (with pesto, of course!)

5. We checked out the new splash pad at a park in Middleton yesterday. It was great.

6. Going to KY to see my parents in a couple weeks.

7. Italy or Alaska.

8. Making Italian food. Daydreaming about Alaska.