Monday, July 28, 2008

Learning to Sleep

What gets in the way of good sleep?

light, noisy neighbors, back pain, fear of crushing cat, arm pain, residue caffeine in system, dreams about car accidents and getting fired and deceased loved ones, creaking bed, disappearing blankets, cold feet, toe-biting kitty, anxiety about work and/or getting up early or anything else, hunger, upbeat music


What supports good sleep?

hot bath, massage, feeling calm and peaceful


I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. I mean, I fall asleep reading and watching movies during the day, but then I try to sleep in bed at night and I can't get to sleep and/or I wake up several times during the night. And then I'm tired the next day and fall asleep during the day again. I can't seem to end this cycle. It's so annoying.



Suze said...

Oh, the cycles of insomnia. I was plagued with awful insomnia the last trimester of pregnancy with both Daniel and Anya (bad enough that my doc gave me sleeping pills!), though thankfully it disappeared soon after they were born. Of course, it's not like I have uninterrupted sleep at night, alas.

Good luck. Wish I had some good suggestions for you :(

Pam said...

So I was reviewing the potential side effects of the medication I'm on for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and one of them is insomnia... Damn.

Steph said...

I feel your pain. Was up half the night myself last night. Trying to remember why I gave up caffeine.

Terri said...

Insomnia seems to be so common, and come and go in cycles for many of us. My husband and I learned a surprising trick that sends me to sleep: lullabies. The power of someone singing you to sleep seems to really resonate... try it out!

ed skallberg said...

Drink a half cup of warm milk and 1 aspirin. walk and get excersize during the day, and don't sleep during the day. you will be back on track. ED

Pam said...

Thanks, Ed! I just looked at your blog. You have some beautiful paintings!!