Monday, July 07, 2008


Here are some links to interesting articles about how to stimulate creative thinking:

How to Increase Your Creativity
Give Yourself a Whack on the Side of the Head
Top Ten Ways to Increase Your Creativity
Seven Steps to Increase Your Creativity

My favorite tips from these articles:

"Take a nap."

"Take a break and go for a walk."

"The more often you do something in the same way, the more difficult it is to think about doing it in any other way. Break out of this "prison of familiarity" by disrupting your [habits]."

"Encourage really, really bad ideas: If you are only coming up with good ideas you aren’t being creative... Bad ideas often lead to really great ideas."

What are YOUR favorite ways to get through creative blocks?


Suze said...

(re-)read Bird by Bird. That always helps give me a jump start!

Scott said...

I always find going to see some completely different artform very inspiring, and it helps me get over my own hurdles. Modern dance recitals are good for this, as are obscure world music concerts, and avant-garde art exhibitions.

Also good is seeing really badly done music / theatre / etcetera. I'm always really riled up about the things I could do better or improve on after such things.

Andre said...

Often when I get blocked it's because I'm trying too hard to order my process. . so once I let go of that and just write down any musical idea I have without thinking about where it's going or if it's good. . after about four days of that I'm usually feeling warmed up again. .

Go Pam!!!