Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting to know you again (and again...)

1. Do you own a TV set?
2. Have you spent much time pondering the meaning of life? (figured it out yet?)
3. How do you feel about slapstick comedy / "stupid funny" humor?
4. Do you enjoy watching people?
5. Do you own a toaster?
6. Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
7. Are you funny? Do you ever try to be funny, but fail?
8. Have you ever seen a ghost? (Do you believe in ghosts?)

(me: 1. no.; 2. yes. (no.); 3. i love it most of the time.; 4. yes. people are fascinating.; 5. no.; 6. yes.; 7. every once in a while. all the time.; 8. i don't know. (i don't know.))


Suze said...

1. yup
2. not really (not really)
3. when it's done well (monty python), I think it's hilarious, but much slapstick falls short IMHO
4. oh yes. i have a habit of staring, in fact. it's unfortunate.
5. yup
6. mmm. not everything. but some things.
7. sometimes. lots of times.
8. nope (yup)

Celeste Winant said...

1. Yes, which is a bad thing.
2. Kind of (not at all).
3. It's the best. Its best when the crassness / stupidness is offset by sweetness. "There's Something abotu Mary" gets this just right.
4. Yes.
5. Toaster oven count?
6. No.
7. I can be funny- ususally its when I am not trying.
8. No and No.

Steph said...

1. Yes, but we get no channels, so it's useless.
2. Sorta kinda, yeah. (sorta kinda no)
3. It's often best when unintentional
4. It depends on how I'm feeling about the human race at the given moment
5. Yes, how could one not?
6. Yes, but not necessarily in a cosmic, God-meant-it-this-way sense. But don't most events have at the very least one cause, however elusive? The world doesn't strike me as a random place, although it can feel that way from certain positions.
7. I'm told I have my moments. (and yes, constantly)
8. Yes. (So, I guess, yes.)

Jake said...

1. ayup
2. oh yeah (not even close - get further every year!)
3. slapstick I can really like / "stupid funny" I pretty much loathe
4. ayup
5. nope
6. usually - I go in phases on this one
7. uh... sometimes, I guess. I don't usually set out to be "funny", but combine a sense of the ridiculousness of things with a poor mouth filter and things slip out...
8. nope (not sure)

Terri said...

1. Yes - but it makes a far better "DVD Box"
2. Yes (and yes to the point where I'm comfortable and excited about it, even without ever completely knowing)
3. Funny is funny - lots of different flavors, and stupid funny is sometimes just right.
4. Oh goodness yes; there's nothing stranger than people.
5. No
6. Many things, yes
7. Sure, and sure!
8. Don't think so, but in some vague energetic way, yes.