Thursday, August 21, 2008

Getting to Know You - JEOPARDY version

I'll supply the answers! You supply the questions!

1. Compassion.
2. A match.
3. "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."
4. I fundamentally disagree.
5. I felt proud.
6. Honesty.
7. Eye contact.
8. The bathroom.
9. I would apologize.
10. A walk in the woods.

[Here are some sample answers that I am making up as I go along here... 1. What is a ten letter word that begins with a "C"? 2. What would you use to light a candle? 3. What is a good quote? 4. How do you feel about politicians taking bribes? 5. How did you feel when you graduated from college? 6. What is the most important quality quality in a witness? 7. What would you want to make in order to find out what color someone's irises were? 8. Where do you usually go in order to pass water? 9. What would you do if you stepped on my toes? 10. What sounds nice right about now?]


Jake said...

1. What is the most important value for individuals in civilized society?
2. What is a number of sets that must be won in tennis?
3. What is your favorite quote?
4. "War is the solution to all problems."
5. How 'bout that review, huh?
6. What makes for a lasting relationship?
7. What thrills you?
8. Where do you have the most consistent rituals?
9. What would you say to someone you smacked into on the T?
10. What would be a great 3rd date?

Ian said...

1. What is missing from Corporate America?
2. What do you light up after using the restroom?
3. What is the cheesiest thing you can think of right now?
4. You really don't like the person writing these questions.
5. How did you feel about getting an 'A' on your report card?
6. What is the hardest thing to find in Washington D.C.?
7. What is it called when you rub your eye up against someone else's eye?
8. Where do you keep the matches used in answer 2?
9. What would you do if the matches from answer 2 weren't available in answer 8?
10. On what recreational activity are you most likely to be mauled by a bear?

Suze said...

1. What could we all stand to give a little more of?
2. What starts most fires?
3. What's a good thing to say to yourself every day?
4. What's a good response to someone who says rude things about the way you're raising your kids?
5. How did you feel when your 2.5yo pooped in the toilet for the first (and so far only) time?
6. What does our current presidential administration lack more than anything else (besides competency?)
7. What is hard for shy people? And naughty 2.5yo?
8. What room in the house is the most challenging for a 2.5yo to use?
9. What would I do if I yelled at my kid?
10. Where is an excellent place to get a million mosquito bites in Wisconsin right now?

(Geez, can you tell what's dominating MY life right now?)

Scott said...

1. What starts with "compass" and ends with "passion," but isn't about a deep love for North?
2. What do I need right now to light some incense because my new house smells a little like cat pee?
3. What is a quote that I like the sound of, but am not sure I agree with?
4. When someone tells me to dislike a politician because they might raise taxes, what do I do?
5. What happened when, despite my fears, I managed to figure out the whole "newborn baby" thing just fine?
6. What is the best way to get someone else to be honest with you?
7. What kind of creeps me out when people in business suits do it a little too much?
8. What is, weirdly enough, Carpeted in my new home?
9. What would I do if I stepped on someone's toe?
10. What is a really amusing book by Bill Bryson?