Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting to Know You

1. When is the last time you were "off the grid", in a place with no cell phone reception and no internet access for more than 24 hours?

2. When's the last time (if ever) that you constructed something useful out of wood?

3. When's the last time (if ever) that you made a piece of clothing?

4. What's an example of something you prefer to do the "old fashioned way", if anything? (Do you bake your own bread? Do you still read the real newspaper?)

5. Where do you draw the line with technology? What technology do you refuse to buy into? (The year I lived in Madison, WI, I knew quite a few people who still didn't have cell phones. I wonder how many of them are still without?)

6. When you listen to music, what method of technology do you most often employ for it's transmission?

(me: 1. 2 weekends ago we went up to Redwood National Forest and used the phonebook for the first time in ages because there was no internet access. unfortunately, it turned out there was nothing to do, so we had no one to call, but if we had needed to, we would have had to use the landline telephone in our hotel room; 2. high school shop class, i think; 3. I'm not sure that I've ever made a piece of clothing; 4. I prefer using a piano to an electronic keyboard. I prefer using my legs to walk than pretty much any other form of transportation; 5. My dad once bought a motorized wine bottle opener. I would never buy one of those. I like opening bottles the old fashioned way.; 6. either over the internet on or via CD player)


tkempton said...

1. Since I lived "off grid" for more than 2 years in Nicaragua. Sometimes I wake up and still expect to be there. About once a month I take off to somewhere remo

2. Does a campfire count? If so, than about 2 months ago.

3. Last month. (fingerless gloves)

4. Lots of things, I guess - I like walking instead of driving, I like cooking and baking, I like DIY arts, crafts, and general cleverness

5. Crackberries. Microwave ovens.

6. CD, MP3 player, streaming internet. Radio falls in last...

Pam said...

Dude, what's a crackberry?

tkempton said...

By crackberry, I refer to the addictive blackberries that enable perpetual texting/emailing/calling/distractions...

Pam said...

Ah, gotcha.

Jake said...

1. In May when I was in Bermuda. It was so nice to be away from it all!

2. I've been working on this here clock for a while (I build/finish things real slow).

3. Maybe 7 years ago I made a skirt for my then-girlfriend.

4. Most cooking endeavors - I'll make as much as I can from scratch, depending on the meal. My favorite cookbooks are the really old ones.

5. Yeah, no crackberry for me. I've gotten stubborn and refuse to buy into the whole iPod craze. Silly things.

6. Don't usually listen to music, actually. When I do, it's a CD or SACD.

Suze said...

Oooh, this one's especially fun!

1. Probably in May when we took a family vacation (our parents and brothers, too!) to Virginia. The state park had no cell phone reception, and obviously no internet.

2. I wish I was good at woodworking. But I ain't. My dad and I made some beautiful shelves together the summer after I graduated college, but he didn't let me use any of the power tools (that was probably a good idea). Basically, I got to measure and sand and hold things in place.

3. I made a little apron for Daniel a couple weeks ago. And I've knit a lot of stuff lately (sweaters, socks, hats, etc). Wish I had time to sew, though I'm not particularly good at that, either.

4. I bake my own bread all the time. I often hang clothes outside to dry. I use cloth diapers on the baby.

5. The iPhone. My husband wants one, but I think it's a big much. I also refuse to have cable TV, but that technology is not exactly recent.

6. the CD player connected to the sound system, or iTunes on the computer (b/c the toddler is less likely to turn it off).