Thursday, August 07, 2008

One Year Ago Today

Just for fun I decided to see what I posted a year ago today. It was a Getting to Know You day. Jake, Suze, Steph, and Andre might be interested to see what they had to say then. Has anything changed for you? Gosh, for me just about everything has changed!


Jake said...

Wow. Almost nothing has changed. My friend no longer tapes shows, and we don't work together anyway, so that's different. And I started using my cell phone alarm in addition to the beeper. Other than that... man. Weird.

Andre said...

No more tennis or Grey's Anatomy, but everything else is pretty much the same I'm glad to say.

wishing you good!

Steph said...

Pretty much nothing has changed for me either, except that now I both walk and run. Oh, and I stopped using my cell phone alarm because I got a new cell phone and never figured out how to set it. I have a little travel alarm now.

I love your getting to know you thingos. :)