Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bare of baggage

I have always enjoyed staying in hotels and in other people's homes partly because I like the fact that so little of my "stuff" is there. I just recently cleaned up my apartment in such a way that it is extremely bare. I am finding that I LOVE it. I like to be in a place that is so uncluttered -- where I don't have much "baggage". It's strange to say, but it makes me feel more free to be myself somehow. I think maybe there is something to living simple.


Suze said...

When Stu and I were finishing college, we went to South Africa to visit his parents. Our luggage didn't make it for a week. We had to buy toothbrushes and extra underwear, but I have to say it was actually really nice NOT lugging our suitcases around. Once we got them back, they didn't even feel necessary (though it was nice not losing our stuff permanently).

Celeste Winant said...

I live with two other people- my bf & an additional housemate. Both of them have far more stuff than I do. other housemate has been there for almost 20 years, so he sets the tone of the common space. BF sets the tone of our private rooms. My activities outside of the job; singing, swimming, gardening, reading, just don't require that much gear, aside from books and papers. I'm not into collecting things, or have that strong of a domestic esthetic. BF is into building and flying RC airplanes, which means that every surface in our rooms becomes a workbench. I'm drowning and I long for your situation.

Scott said...

Speaking of which, did you see the New York Times article today about teeny tiny houses? I thought it was a cool approach to such things: