Friday, October 24, 2008

A Case for Free Range Eggs

In case you don't already eat free range eggs, here is an article that explains pretty well why you should.


Scott said...

I'm all about the real, local, free-range eggs. Just wanted to add a word about large national commercial farms that call their chickens "free range." Technically, by law, the chickens need a few hours per day of ACCESS to free range in order to be called free range. So many of those farms leave them in horrible conditions all day long, open a very small door at night while they're sleeping (and chickens aren't naturally going to go out into the open at night anyway), and then close the door before they wake. PRESTO! More money for "free range" poultry products, with no actual need to maintain a free range.

Which is just to say, always always go with the local farms whenever you can. Support the local economy, support responsible businesses that actually do "free range" and not finding work-arounds. Because real local free range eggs are AWESOMEly delicious, and great for so many reasons listed in your link. (end of soapbox rant)

Pam said...

Thanks for the reminder, Scott! (I read *The Omnivore's Dilemma* and was very struck by the reality of how "big organic" doesn't really work like you might think.)

Steph said...

I get the best ones ever at our coop from German Baptist farmers. He's right, they absolutely taste better. The only problem I have is that they're so fresh, they're impossible to peel after hard-boiling. When I really want hard-boiled eggs, I age the eggs for a good month first. Which sounds gross, but I'm sure the ones in the supermarket are much older.