Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting to Know You

Enough seriousness! I don't know about you, but I could use a small break from it. Lately I have been getting really worked up about politics. Here's a diversion...

1. Describe to me a sandwich that sounds really delicious to you right now.
2. Do you like to drink beer? What sort of beer sounds good right now?
3. Do you wear perfume or cologne? or any sort of scent? If so, what?
4. Do you like to smell roses?
5. What sort of fabric feels best on your skin? Do you like to wear wool?
6. Do you ever wear turtlenecks?
7. Do you like to take baths? Have you ever been to a public bath or hot spring?
8. What would you like to listen to right now?
9. If you had to choose between listening to a Bach piano prelude, a Beethoven string quartet, a Brahms symphony, a Mozart opera, or the sounds of the forest, which would you choose?
10. If you had to choose between watching the sun set from the top of a hill overlooking a city or watching the sun set over the water (the ocean or a lake), which would you choose?
11. Which would you prefer to watch? A bunch of squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and bunnies eating nuts and seeds? Or, a wide variety of people walking by, having interesting conversations, in a park in the city?
12. What would you rather do right now? Sit in a comfy recliner with a kitty or other furry animal on your lap? Or, sit in a cafe and have a really interesting conversation with a friend?

(me: 1. avocado, tomato, sprouts, cheese, on a french roll [aka vietnamese sandwich]; 2. I think some Young's Double Chocolate Stout would taste pretty good right now -- or Left Hand Milk Stout -- on draft at the Sunset Grill & Tap in Allston, MA...; 3. I do wear perfume sometimes, but not always the same kind. I like pretty smells.; 4. YES! I love roses! Especially the pink and yellow wild kind. They smell amazing!; 5. I like satiny fabrics. Wool is itchy...; 6. I don't really like turtlenecks.;7. Yes! Yes, in Budapest!; 8. A really great choir singing beautifully in a beautiful place.; 9. Bach - C#, sounds of the forest a close second; 10. ocean!; 11. the animals; 12. Right now I'd rather sit in a recliner with a kitty on my lap, because I could really use a nap. I also love having interesting conversations with friends, so if I was more awake, I might choose that instead.)


Scott said...

1. Breakfast sandwich from Marigold Kitchen in Madison... delicious thick bread with a fried egg, some bacon, tomato, and Boursin cheese spiked with bits of aged cheddar. Hard to explain how delicious that sandwich is... *drool*

2. I do indeed like beer! I've been wanting a really strong, bitter IPA for a while now. Maybe a Bell's 2-Hearted Ale.

3. I occasionally were cologne. I have a Burberry one that I find particularly pleasant.

4. Roses smell nice. I'm not particularly taken with them over any other flowers, but they do smell nice.

5. I have one article of bamboo clothing, and it feels SOOOO nice on the skin. Wool can be all right, but it has to be very nice wool, or I'll wear something under it.

6. Turtlenecks... um, not really. I have one or 2 turtleneck sweaters that I wear when it gets really cold, I guess.

7. I LOVE taking baths. Never done the public bath thing, unless you count swimming pools, or hot-tub type baths in a spa. But in the winter, nothing beats a hot bath.

8. I would like to listen to The Eels. My current mood this week.

9. Beethoven string quartet. The later, the better. Such mind-blowingly intricate, yet delicately beautiful music.

10. Sun set over the water, definitely, no question.

11. People. I'm just not that interested in nut-eating.

12. Cafe, interesting conversation. I'm living in the middle of nowhere, with not a local friend to be found. So the idea of actually sitting down to a conversation sounds HEAVENLY. Of course, there are no cafes here, but we're talking hypotheticals, right?

Steph said...

1. A half-baguette covered with sesame seeds, with butter, Brie, and lettuce, from the bakery two blocks from my apartment in Nancy, France, in 1996. Have never stopped missing this sandwich.

2. Yes. One of our friends brought a pumpkin ale to dinner last week and I could use another of those.

3. Nope, but if I did, I like sandalwood.

4. Yes

5. Really soft cotton. I do like to wear wool because it's warm, but if it's up against my skin I prefer it to be soft merino--less itchy.

6. I just have one turtleneck sweater for really cold days. Otherwise, no.

7. Yeah, but our bathtub sucks. It's cruddy and the enamel flakes off in the water. So that sucks. Haven't ever been to a public bath. Would kill for a hot tub dip about now.

8. I'm in the mood to listen to The Living Road by Lhasa de Sela, but I can't because it would distract me.

9. Completely depends on the moment. All of those things are high on my list of sounds in general.

10. Over the water, also no question.

11. Oh, probably the animals, but again, depends on my mood.

12. Cafe and friend. I love my cats, but I am not hurting for kitty time. Although either of those things sounds more appealing than what I have to do right now, which is take a GRE practice test.

DJ said...

1. ham and cheese with mango chutney on multigrain roll
2. I like to drink dark beer or stout.
I recently had an english stout named
Macheson and I really liked it but can't find it anyplace in town
3. No perfume or cologne
4. Yes I like to smell roses and also
lillies of the valley
5. I like silk next to my skin- like the warmth of wool but need a layer between the wool and my skin.
6. I used to wear lots of turtlenecks but in the last few years, I have only worn turtlenecks when I am going to be outside in very cold weather for an extended time.
7. I love to take baths- often take a bath on my day off or when I am feeling really cold. Went to a public hot springs bath once-
8. Love songs with Arlene Auger sounds good right now
9, depends, but I can always listen to music- all of the above, at home-
whereby the sounds of the forest are
a more rare opportunity- one that I
10. Have never had the opportunity to watch the sun set with the city in the background- but a sunset on water is always wonderful, especially when there are clouds to color up
11.thats a hard one -can't I choose both
12. When I am out, I love the cafe experience with the interesting conversation- but right now I am home, and here I love to have Bearsy and Jezebel on my lap-one at
a time preferably.

Pam said...

As always, I love reading your answers!

Suze said...

1. Fish tacos. Uh-huh.

2. Oh my yes. Right now I'm really loving Bell's Oberon (as always), New Glarus Staghorn and New Glarus Fat Squirrel.

3. my mom gave me something from Victoria's secret for Christmas last year that I really like. I don't remember what it's called, but it's pink. Usually, though, I just smell like whatever I'm cooking...sometimes that's a good thing.

4. yes. I hope to grow them someday.

5. I love to wear wool, but silk and cotton feel best right next to my skin. That and extrafine merino wool (because I'm a knitter.)

6. No.

7.Not really. and No.

8. Listening to U2 right now (husband's choice) but I think I'd rather be listening to Schubert, honestly.

9. Mozart opera. I don't really like opera, except for Mozart opera.
10. Water, I guess. I don't get the opportunity much.

11. The animals.

12. Definitely the latter (because I almost never get the opportunity to do that now)

Celeste Winant said...

1. Turkey & avocado on pumpernickle
2. Sometimes, but its 10:00 in the morning, man!
3. None - even tea tree oil gets on my nerves.
4. Yes - especially the purple ones.
5. Cotton - I like wool off my skin,
6. no.
7. rarely take baths at home (my feet are a different temperature from the rest of my body) I love public baths & hotsprings, though.
8. Silence.
9. Beethoven, definitely.
10. Over water - I grew up in San Diego, so this is nostalgiv.
11. People.
12. Conversation.