Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Shout out!

Hello Cambridge, MA!
Hello North Hampton, NH!
Hello Manchester, NH!
Hello Fall River, MA!
Hello Braintree, MA!
Hello Poughkeepsie, NY!
Hello New York, NY!
Hello Brooklyn, NY!
Hello Rochester, NY!
Hello Syracuse, NY!
Hello Ithaca, NY!
Hello Getzville, NY!
Hello Princeton Junction, NJ!
Hello Mount Laurel, NJ!
Hello Dayton, OH!
Hello Ft. Mitchell, OH!
Hello Indianapolis, IN!
Hello Washington, DC!
Hello Virginia Beach, VA!
Hello Annandale, VA!
Hello Raleigh, NC!
Hello Carrboro, NC!
Hello Kannapolis, NC!
Hello Greenville, SC!
Hello Oak Ridge, TN!
Hello Suwanee, GA!
Hello Winter Park, FL!
Hello Gladewater, TX!
Hello Lawrence, KS!
Hello Bedford Park, IL!
Hello Addison, IL!
Hello Des Moines, IA!
Hello Southfield, MI!
Hello Lansing, MI!
Hello East Lansing, MI!
Hello Green Bay, WI!
Hello Elm Grove, WI!
Hello Madison, WI!
Hello Longmont, CO!
Hello Draper, UT!
Hello Glendale, AZ!
Hello Tucson, AZ!
Hello West Hollywood, CA!
Hello South Pasadena, CA!
Hello Soquel, CA!
Hello Santa Clara, CA!
Hello Union City, CA!
Hello Piedmont, CA!
Hello San Francisco, CA!
Hello Durham, CA!
Hello Portland, OR!
Hello Tacoma, WA!
Hello Seattle, WA!

Have an awesome day, y'all!


HermanNewticks said...

Sweet! you didn't even know I was in Braintree on business and gave a shout-out anyway!

Scott said...

Hi Pam! If only there were a shout out to me here in lonely, depressing Albion, Michigan...

(just kidding of course... I'll take Lansing as the nearest proxy)

Pam said...

Well... I guess Google Analytics doesn't know everything yet! ...which is a GOOD thing!