Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting to Know you

For Susan, who is bored...

1. Have you started Christmas/holiday shopping?

2. Have you finished Christmas/holiday shopping?

3. Are you going out of town for the holidays? Where? To see who?

4. Have you been listening to any holiday music?

5. Are you singing/playing in any holiday concerts?

6. Is it snowing where you live?

7. Is your town nicely decorated?

8. What's your favorite thing about this time of year?

9. What's your least favorite thing about this time of year?

[me: 1. yes; 2. no; 3. yes - to Bradenton, FL to see my aunt, uncle, cousins, baby cousins, niece, brother, sister-in-law, mom and dad - yay!; 4. yes - some choral CDs; 5. yes - a few; 6. nope; 7. yes - well, especially union square, where all the big stores are; 8. giving gifts - thinking about what i could give someone to make them a little happier, and church, the stories of the bible that relate to Christmas and all the beautiful music that has been written about it; 9. being so busy and stressed out that i'm not able to relax and enjoy the season and i end up being cranky and difficult instead of gracious and giving, as i would like to be.]


Suze said...

Heee. thanks! I should change the status bar on my email. I really haven't been bored for 30 hours solid :)

But I love answering these, so...

1. yes

2. almost (there's always one more thing...)

3. yes! to kansas, to see my MIL and FIL, as well as my parents and brother (who don't live in ks but are traveling there) and my mom's extended family (her siblings and their assorted kids/spouses/kids)

4. Well, Daniel has designated himself the household DJ, and one CD he occasionally chooses is a Christmas collection by Chanticleer. It's nice. He also likes a Hildegard of Bingen CD and a Bob Shaw choral CD; neither of those are specifically Christmas, but all old vocal music sounds like holiday to me, so it sort of counts!

5. no, alas. i'm too out of the music loop for that.

6. not at the moment, but there's plenty on the ground

7. probably. i haven't been downtown since the holiday season started. we'll probably go see the big christmas tree in the capitol next week.

8. family, cookies, presents. probably in that order!

9. terrible arrangements of christmas tunes, the mall (i haven't been there at all and don't plan to go!). used to be that i was tired of all the end-of-semester stress, but since i'm done with school (woohooooo) that's no longer a factor, happily

jake said...

1. no (sigh)
2. clearly not
3. probly will head to NH to visit my grandparents and cousin and aunt and uncle
4. nope!
5. just one
6. no - lot of rain, though
7. where I live there's been an invasion of those inflatable santas and snowmen, but there aren't any houses that are nicely lit. I was in the Boston Common the other day, and aside from the main christmas tree, I didn't see much that was done.
8. time off from work.
9. pretty much everything else! this holiday, more than most, brings out the real grinch in me, from the incessant, repetitive songs that I would like to like to the horrid commercialization of it all to the guilt slams that you get for admitting that it can be miserable. in theory, I love the holiday, but it's been years since I've really enjoyed it.

Steph said...

1. Yes, as of one hour ago
2. No, but I probably won't do much
3. Yes, just a few hours south of here, to see my folks and other family, including Suze :)
4. No, just lots of music in general. I don't really own any holiday music. I do kind of wish I had that Bela Fleck Christmas album.
5. No, as I don't sing or play in any concerts
6. No, thank God. I hate winter weather because it makes travel so perilous. I dream of a dry Christmas. We did get some a few days ago, but it's all melted.
7. Yes! We have a gorgeous downtown anyway and now it is covered in lights. My neighbors also have an enormous inflatable snowman house in their front yard. Or elf house. Or something. It's weird and tacky, but kind of makes me happy.
8. Seeing family
9. Coordinating everything

Scott said...

Yay! I enjoy a good survey.

1. Started, heck yes!

2. Finished, yep! Well, except buying a present from my baby to my wife. That'll happen soon. But everyone else is taken care of, and mostly just getting silly JC Penney portraits of the baby, and photo ornaments, with a few actual gifts thrown in for good measure.

3. Going to my wife's family in Massachusetts with the baby for a week! Ack! Traveling with a baby for a whole week!

4. Nope. Maybe I should...

5. I'm playing one tonight! A choral concert with some classical stuff, some Mariah Carey, some jazz... goofy holiday business.

6. Nope. Raining, weirdly enough.

7. Nah, this down just always looks like crap.

8. I like sitting at home and drinking hot cocoa while it snows outside, and sitting by the wood stove.

9. How ridiculously overhyped it gets, and all the ads for "affordable" $500 Christmas jewelry, and the like.

Celeste Winant said...

1. Yes

2. Almost - just silly stocking stuffers left.

3. Yes, am I! Off to London, Iden (East Sussex) and Paris with mom & sis, to see cousins, aunts, fathers&stepmothers, more cousins, and cousins-once-removed.

4. Yes - my tenor friend KB made a beautiful recording of haunting English & American carols & mystical songs by Holst, Britten, Vaughn Williams, others which he gave to friends as a gift. gorgeous, and what a beautiful gift.

5. Yes- just finished the AVE Christmas set... but I AM NOW DONE.

6. It sleeted this morning, but no snow.

7. Haven't noticed.

8. Persimmons. Pine smell.

9. Having to get up off the couch at 11 PM to brush my teeth in teh cold bathroom.