Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting To Know You

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For Tom, who is running out of surveys to do...

1. Did you have a piano in your home growing up? Do you have a piano in your home now?

2. Which of these TV shows have you seen?: Firefly, Father Ted, Facts of Life, Family Guy, Family Ties, Fawlty Towers, Flight of the Conchords, Flipper, Fraggle Rock, Freaks and Geeks, Full House, Futurama.

3. What is the last thing you ate?

4. Do you now (or did you ever) own a recording by any of the following artists?: ABBA, The Animals, America, Alabama, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Anonymous 4, Austrian Radio Symphony, Arleen Auger, American Bach Soloists.

5. Are you wearing socks?

6. Which of the following places have you visited?: Carmel, Cannes, Camillus, Cazenovia, Cuba, Chile, Chad, China, Calgary, Czech Republic.

7. Are you listening to music right now? If so, what sort of ensemble is it?

8. Which of the following foods have you eaten today?: mochi, mozzarella, mackerel, mint, mayonnaise, mustard, melba toast, mango, mushroom.

9. Who's the last person who called you on your phone? What's the last text you got on your phone?

10. What do you think FACM should stand for?

(me: 1. yes. yes.; 2. all of them.; 3. Mango mochi ice cream.; 4. Just Arleen Auger.; 5. No.; 6. Camillus, Cazenovia, Calgary, & Czech Republic.; 7. Yes. Violin and orchestra.; 8. Mochi, Mango, and Mushroom.; 9. A bride whose wedding I'm singing next weekend. "Break them!"; 10. Festival of Awkward Clown Musicians.)


Andre said...

1. Yes; yes.
2. Father Ted, Facts of Life, Family ties and guy, fraggle rock (this goes back a ways huh?) freaks and geeks, full house.
3. Bread and hummus.
4. None but Anon.4
5. um, yeah.
6. none on that list
7. no
8. no m foods today apparently
9. Pop
10. Find always cool music. . ? That's the first thing that came to mind

tstockley said...

Thanks Pamb! These are fun!

1. No, but my grandmother did. It was rater out of tune, but my sister & I used to play an original composition called "Thunderstorm" on it rather often. You can guess how it sounded.

2. Father Ted, Facts of Life, Family Guy, Family Ties, Freaks & Geeks, Full House (unfortunately), Futurama

3. Cheezits

4. ABBA, America

5. No, just slippers

6. Camillus, Cazenovia, Chad (yes I have. You can't prove that I haven't. N'Djamena is beautiful in the spring).

7. No

8. Today, none. I have eaten all of them before except for mochi (what is that?).

9. My mom called me. My friend Nikki texted me about going to the movies.

10. Fairmount and Camillus Myopia. A condition that causes a person to have a very limited perspective on life due to the fact that they have never lived outside of the area between Fairmount Fair and Camillus Jr. High.

Jake said...

1. yes. no (I don't count my electronic keyboard as a piano).

2. Firefly, Family Guy, Family Ties, an episode or two of Fawlty Towers, same for Fururama.

3. Sausage egg and cheese sandwich.

4. Only Anonymous 4 and ABS.

5. Ayup. It's Boston. And winter.

6. None.

7. Nope.

8. None.

9. My friend Wendy called, and a panicked text about holding off on some publicity I was designing.

10. Freedom to Act Cunning or Meek.

Suze said...

1. Yes, and yes...though despite having a DMA in piano I hardly play it :(

2. Firefly, Family Guy (don't like it), Fawlty Towers, Flight, Freaks and Geeks, Futurama.

3. Fresh bread with butter and jam.

4. ABBA, Anonymous 4

5. Absolutely. Though my kids prefer being barefoot, which boggles my mind. It's cold here!

6. None of the above, alas!

7. solo piano. it's a Liszt CD Daniel picked out.

8. None of the above.

9. Probably Stu. Don't remember the last text but my little brother is the only person I ever text, so it was from him.

10. Fickle Apes Can Measure

Scott said...

1. Yes, and yes. Though the piano I have right now belongs to the owner of the house I'm renting, and it's truly craptacular.

2. Facts of Life, Family Guy, Family Ties, Fawlty Towers, Fraggle Rock, Full House, Futurama. (on a side note, I just can't stand Family Guy, but feel like I'm the only one who doesn't find it funny at all.)

3. some 7-grain crackers and cottage cheese.

4. ABBA, AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Anonymous 4, Arleen Auger. I was just remembering how much I loved that Alice in Chains album back in high school, and how I kind of miss it.

5. Yep. It's COLD!

6. None of the above.

7. I was just listening to Andrew Bird, but stopped to have a moment of quiet.

8. I have not had any of those foods today. I'll be making something for dinner with mushrooms in it though.

9. My wife called me, when she was on the road coming to pick me up. She also texted me the day before, to tell me that she didn't have a moment to call.

10. Forget About Crying Monkeys. (first thing I could think of. though maybe you want to remember the crying monkeys?)

Steph said...

1. Yes. No.
2. Firefly, Father Ted, Facts of Life (or at least I have some foggy memory thereof), Family Guy, Family Ties (ditto on foggy memory), Fawlty Towers, Flight of the Conchords, Full House, Futurama.
3. a Girl Scout cookie
4. just Anonymous 4
5. Does living in California have something to do with the idea of socks seeming optional enough that you would think to ask this question? Because if so, I want your climate, now.
6. Cannes. It's snobby there.
7. No. The silence is becoming oppressive.
8. The soba noodle salad I had at the co-op deli for lunch listed "fungus" as an ingredient. I suppose that counts as mushroom.
9. My husband; my friend Ken asking if he has ever made us peanut tofu
10. Frak a Cylon Model

Jake said...

Steph, your acronym rules!!

Pam said...

Hey Steph, so, I thought of the question, "Are you wearing socks?", and then realized I wasn't wearing socks, I guess because it's so hot in our apartment you have to wear shorts and a tank top to be comfortable (even though it's not exactly hot outside, although it's not cold either (it's 60)), and then realized it was probably a good question because most of the people responding would be wearing socks, since if you live somewhere cold, you're probably wearing at least one pair of socks.

Celeste Winant said...

1. I did, briefly, when a friend of the family needed to move away for a year. I dont have one now, but I have an 84-key synthsizer, and my housemate has a harpsichord.

2. Firefly, Facts of Life, Family Guy, Family Ties, Fawlty Towers, Flight of the Conchords, Full House, Futurama.

3. Early Grey tea w/ a cloud of milk and a dash of sugar - oh, solid food? Two bites of a cupcake from Pazzo.

4. Anonymous 4, American Bach Soloists.

5. Yes

6. Carmel, Cannes

7. Nope

8. Probably mayonnaise & mustard - I had a salad for lunch.

9. S. Smith, "Thankx for letting me know- I'm already off for home today for my daughter's B party. See u" (sent by someone different)

10. Faces of Cream Marauders