Friday, January 30, 2009

How to use

This morning, I looked at the news website, Reddit, and was annoyed, as I am everyday when I look at it. I was annoyed because about half of the news articles were amazingly stupid, immature drivel/twaddle that didn't interest me in the least. I was annoyed because what I was looking for was news, but what I got was fluff and not even the sort of fluff I'm interested in. Most of the articles on Reddit unfiltered are things that appeal to 20-30 something male computer programmers. [Which isn't to say that some of the things that appeal to those folks don't appeal to me, but there are definitely a bunch of things in that category that are not my cup of tea.] But, I finally realized how to make it work for me. I already have an account and had already selected the categories of reddit articles I wanted to read. What I didn't realize was that I don't actually want to see all of those things jumbled together. There are times when I enjoy watching silly videos or looking at photos, but in the morning when I'm reading the news, all I want to read is serious news. Luckily, Reddit allows me to do just that. I just went back through my preferences and got rid of "", "Funny", "Pictures", and some other things that I don't want anymore, and now "My Reddits" only include news -- pretty much just politics, science, environment, and health news. Ah... so much better. Now, when I'm checking the news in the morning, (after checking Common Dreams and The New York Times), I can count on finding the interesting, relevant articles I'm looking for. If I want to read silly articles, the links are all easy to access, right there at the top of the screen.

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