Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Getting To Know You

1. Do your fingernails or toenails need cutting?

2. What board games and/or card games do you own?

3. Do you own a lot of shoes that you never wear?

4. Are you reading more non-fiction or fiction at the moment?

5. What beverages do you have in the house that you could offer to a guest?

6. Do you own any clothes with holes in them? If so, why don't you get rid of them?

7. What sort of shampoo &/or conditioner do you use?

8. What did you eat for dinner (or breakfast or lunch -- whatever you ate last)?

9. Is anyone else in the room with you?

10. Grab the nearest book, turn to page 12, what's the first full sentence on the page?

(me: 1.yeah, both; 2. Balderdash, Scattergories, Trivial Pursuit en francais 80s version, regular cards, UNO, SET, Monty Python Fluxx, Fluxx (regular); 3. yes. lots of heels; 4. non-fiction; 5. orange juice, beer, water, tea, coffee, kahlua, vodka; 6. yes. i can't do it.; 7. aussie moist; 8. dinner - cereal; 9. yes. ian and nashira; 10. "I hear the window rattling.")


Steph said...

You are MAKING me procrastinate!

1. My fingernails are starting to annoy me when I type, I just noticed. I cannot bear any length to them at all.
2. Scrabble and regular cards. I hate games, so they live in the basement and I pray no one will ever see them and suggest that we play them.
3. Not really. Just one pair of boots I've had since high school and keep meaning to replace the laces of.
4. Non-fiction. But I miss fiction.
5. tea, coffee, wine, beer
6. Yes, jeans. I don't get rid of them because they are still my favorite pair.
7. Nature's Gate
8. fettucine with my husband's chipotle tomato sauce, dinner.
9. two cats
10. "When we respond to children's needs, feelings and behaviors in ways that help them feel valued and secure, we help build their positive self-concept." (foster/adoption training manual, don't even get me started on the editing issues)

Suze said...

1. My fingernails always need cutting! I've been a pianist most of my life and I can't abide any length to my nails.
2. Cranium, Scrabble, Bananagrams (v. fun), Simpsons Monopoly, bridge cards, some other stuff I can't remember. I like games :)
3. A couple pairs of dress shoes that are essential when I need them...but that's only a couple times per year. Plus I have sandals that look awfully lonely right now, but they'll see a lot of use when summer comes.
4. Non. I've got about 3 books going, even though I barely have time to read: The Human Side of Cancer, The Tipping Point, Around the Bloc
5. Homebrew, coffee, a bit of tea.
6. Plenty of stained shirts, but nothing with holes.
7. Something in a green bottle in the shower. I have some very nice Aveda stuff my SIL gave me for my birthday that I really should use, though.
8. oatmeal, fresh bread, a clementine
9. Anya is playing with my shoes.
10. "My heart leaped into my throat as we made a break for the bathroom and hid behind the door." (Around the Bloc by Stephanie Elizondo Griest)

Scott said...

1. Always. Particularly the toenails... I keep my fingernails pretty well groomed for piano playing.

2. Quite a few (mayb 15 or so), but about the only one I ever play is Settlers of Catan.

3. Nope. Maybe a couple pairs.

4. Reading 2 books, one of each.

5. LOTS of tea (maybe 30 kinds), a selection of coffees, water, milk, red and white wine, single-malt scotch, a number of liquor bottles of various kinds, Emergen-C... um. Maybe that's it.

6. I have a few things with holes in them. I tend to wear them for sleeping or for house-cleaning. Eventually I'll shred them for use as dustrags.

7. Usually I use the "seanik" solid shampoo bar from Lush. And no conditioner.

8. I had toast and cottage cheese with herbs on it for breakfast, with some V8, and a few bites of my baby girl's peachy-pruney cereal.

9. Nope.

10. "On my first visit to Christian Constant's Left Bank restaurant, Le Violon D'Ingres, on the rue Saint-Dominique, the waiter arrived with crusty rolls accompanied by a generous pat of butter sprinkled with this vibrant salt, pepper, and spice mixture - which I've now dubbed Rue Saint-Dominique 'Caviar.'"

Celeste Winant said...

1. Fingernails are gettin' there. My toes are always weird.

2. Just cards. Oh, and Scrabble. I dont play with either, much.

3. Yes, my cousin gave me lots of beautiful vintage 80's Italian shoes, and I cant bear to part with them.

4. A good balance of both. I am reading "Wuthering Heights" and have just finished "Siddhartha". I am about to start "The Tao of Poo".

5. Brita-filtered water. My housemate's homemade beer.

6. Yes. They still work, damnit.

7. Jason's Tea-tree oil shampoo. some other kind of hippie tea-tree oil conditioner.

8. What did you eat for dinner (or breakfast or lunch -- whatever you ate last)?

9. Tons of people. I work in cubile land.

10. Hydrogen, the simplest of all atoms, is not only the most numerous atom in the body but the most numerous atom in the universe, accounting for over 99% of all atoms. (from Human Physiology)

Pam said...

I have to tell you all again how much I enjoy reading your answers! This is fun! Scott, is your book by F. Scott Fitzgerald? Celeste, is there really a book called "The Tao of Poo"? I've heard of the Pooh book, but, um, not the other... Suze, is "Around the Bloc" good?

Jake said...

1. um. yeah....
2. scrabble, there's a chess set buried somewhere, and I only play cards on the computer.
3. not a lot, but a couple I wear rarely.
4. lately? in what time-frame are we talkin, here? I'm in the middle of a memoir (and 15 other non-fictiony types) but I recently devoured a couple delightfully fluffy sci-fi tomes, so I really have no idea how to answer this one. :)
5. water, uh, apple juice, tea, coffee, if the guest drinks booze, I could offer a fine bourbon or a hot buttered rum.
6. hah! yes, because I'm cheap, sentimental and lazy.
7. giovanni tea tree triple treat - organic hippy stuff that's pretty good.
8. lunch - 'twere a starbucks chicken sandwich (meh), chips and a pickle from the caf.
9. just my alter ego.
10. (nearest book is music, so there is no complete sentence) "Come my beloved, where I may Speak to your heart,..."

Scott said...

Hi Pam! I love that my quote seems like it might be by F. Scott Fitzgerald! It's from "The Paris Cookbook" by Patricia Wells. I'm looking at some recipes to make for Valentine's Day, so I've got cookbooks on my desk. And Patricia Wells is my favorite cookbook author ever.

Pam said...

Scott, that is really funny. In reading it again, it all makes sense.