Saturday, February 07, 2009

What Should I Write About?


I'm in the middle of reading three books: Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White by Frank H. Wu, Cognitive Therapy Techniques by Robert L. Leahy, and Feeling Good by David D. Burns, M.D. I don't even know where to begin.


Last night I played the game, Munchkin with some friends. I was terrible at it. I am also terrible at Settlers of Catan. I used to be terrible at Fluxx, but now I'm not so bad at it. Once I get to know a game, I'm not so bad at it, but I get really frustrated during the learning phase and it seems like people are always suggesting we play games I have never played before. So, it's not just that I need to get better at the individual games. I need to get better at learning new games in general. Or, at least, more patient and perseverant.


Tonight we went to see Coraline. It was very good. I enjoyed it very much, but I have to say if I was a little kid I would have been pretty freaked out by it.


We've been eating a lot of Trader Giotto's Roasted Vegetable Pizzas, which are delicious. They are the Trader Joe's version of Amy's Roasted Vegetable Pizza, but for half the price. Also high on the Trader Joe's list of staples are Mikawaya Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream, Trader Joe's brand hummus dip, Masala Tandoori Naan, and Triple Ginger Snaps. Yum. I love Trader Joe's.


Here is a picture of Nashira with her new catnip mat/blanket and her new catnip monkey toy.

We feed Nashira food called Innova Evo. They advertise it as "the ancestral diet". It is made entirely without grain. Nashira is totally healthy and definitely a little on the plump side, but I'm still not totally sure I think it's natural for a cat to eat no grains at all. Our vet says it's really good food, though.


My brother and sister-in-law gave me this for Christmas. It's up on the refrigerator.

(Sorry for the blurry photos.)


Steph said...

Our cats are grain-free too, thanks to allergies (in one of them, which means they both eat the diet food because we're too lazy to feed them separately). They eat a special diet called "green peas and duck." It's not terribly uncommon for cats to develop allergies to grains, I've learned. I wonder if that's because their digestive systems haven't evolved for lots of grain digestion, given how they eat in the wild? Don't know.

We saw Coraline last night too. Loved it. It's a good kind of scary.

Pam said...

Thanks for your comment, Steph. If it's not too much of a pain to explain, how did you know your cat was allergic to grain?

Steph said...

We're not totally sure if it's grains, or what, exactly. What happened was this: he started scratching so much that he took all the skin off his neck. On the chance that a food allergy was the culprit, the vet suggested a special diet. That cleared up the whole problem, so I don't mess with it--I just keep giving him the food. I suppose it's also possible that he was allergic to one of the more common cat food meats; the allergy-friendly foods tend to be made with duck or venison. But those foods are also grain-free; the vet said that grains are often the culprits. I wish I knew exactly which ingredient was the source of his problem, but I'm not willing to experiment enough to find out--that neck-scratching phase was awful and he got the worst infection from it! He was on antibiotics and steroids for weeks.

Pam said...

Wow. That's pretty interesting. I'm glad your kitty is better now. :-)