Monday, March 30, 2009

Cave Woman

For a little over a month (since Feb. 25), Ian and I have been on the Paleolithic Diet. We're just doing it for Lent, so come Easter Day (which is also Ian's birthday), we will be happy to eat some non-caveman food. It's really not so difficult. On this diet you can eat any fruits and vegetables raw or cooked, eggs, nuts, seeds, and any low fat meat, fish, and poultry. So, you can't eat any grains, dairy, beans, sugar, and most processed foods. It's basically like being on the raw diet (which is what we did last year) with the addition of significant amounts of protein. Since I don't eat red meat, for me this has meant lots of eggs, fish, and some turkey. I haven't been terribly hungry and haven't had many serious cravings. I mentioned the diet to the Physician's Assistant at my doctor's office the other day, who was really surprised to hear that anyone really did this sort of diet. She told me that they learned about the diet in her nutrition classes in school and that it's supposed to be a much better diet than the typical American diet, but she had never heard of anyone who had actually done it. Despite what I said about not being terribly hungry or having any massive cravings, I admit I am really looking forward to eating a "normal" meal two weeks from today.

Also, I should mention I'm just over half way through Three Cups of Tea and really enjoying it. Thank you, Steph, for recommending it!

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Scott said...

Interesting stuff! Silly question: what counts as a vegetable? In my mind, the difficult (and scary) part of that list is there's not much carbohydrate source. Do potatoes and yams and the like get counted as veggies?

Interesting to me that in order to diet, this plan goes back to a time when humans struggled for food and would have often died of hunger. Like, I think it's healthy now to eat lean meats as this says, but back then I would think that the fattiest meat possible would be the best meat, because it was hard to get much food, and the fattier it is, the longer you can survive on it.

But it sounds like an excellent diet though. I'm always a fan of any diet that asks you to eat MORE real food rather than less. AMEN to that, Pam.