Wednesday, March 04, 2009


is cold! The wind chill on my first day here was -15 F. Whoa. That takes some getting used to coming from such a temperate climate, even though I lived in really cold weather for my whole life up until about a year and a half ago. I hope I will be much less apt to complain about 49 F/raining when I return to SF, but somehow I imagine CA might still feel cold to me. The climates are just so different. It's freezing cold here in upstate NY, but the air is incredibly dry, and there is plenty of heat on inside. In SF, it's cold and damp, and we have less heat indoors.

Syracuse is a nice little city. It's like halfway between a city and a small town. I was at Wegmans, the local grocery chain (which is awesome), and bought some expensive wild caught salmon to have for dinner with my mom and dad. [Wegmans has an amazing selection -- of everything, not just fish.] The fish butcher was so friendly to me. When I told him which salmon I wanted, he made a big fuss over it and wanted to know who I was cooking for. When I told him it was for my mom and dad he told me they were very lucky. I thought that was sweet. Syracuse has a great library system, lots of excellent restaurants, and a ton of events of all kinds.

While I've been here, in addition to spending time with my parents and beloved kitties and seeing old friends, I've been going through boxes of my stuff. Since I only brought as many of my things to California as I could fit in my 1997 Subaru Impreza wagon, I had to leave a lot here. I have spent several hours every day since I arrived deciding what I can throw away, what can go to Goodwill, what I want to bring or send back to SF, and what I need to leave here until my next trip back. I have to admit I didn't realize how much this task would overwhelm me and stress me out. I'm glad to say I'm pretty much finished with what I'm going to do this trip.

Tonight my mom and I went to see *Slumdog Millionaire*. What a great story, but I didn't realize it would be so violent and upsetting. I have read accounts of life in India before, so I knew partly what to expect in terms of the poverty and deplorable living conditions of the people, but I had never seen so much of it with my own eyes. It was disturbing, but also made me interested to read/learn more.

I've been trying not to alter my schedule too drastically, but it's not easy. The sun rises at 6:30am, which is 3:30am PT, so it's a little hard to sleep in. It's 12:08am now, which is only 9:08pm my time, but I'm really tired and I have a big headache, so I think I will go to bed soon.

I think tomorrow we will go to Sapsucker Woods, which is part of Cornell University's Lab of Ornithology. Apparently it is a great place for birding, so I am really looking forward to it. It's supposed to be sunny-ish and 39 F!


Tom Stockley said...

Actually, it is supposed to be closer to 50 degrees tomorrow. Ithaca is always a fun day trip, even in March.

So great seeing you yesterday! Safe journey home!

Yuhri said...

Hey, Pam! Thought of you when I saw this article. Sounds like you're having fun. (Syracuse, man. Cold. Cooooold.)


Pam said...

Interesting article! Thanks, Yuhri!

Pam said...

Great to see you, too, Tom! :-)