Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Taste Test

We finally did the taste test of organic vs. conventional fruit today. It was pretty unremarkable. I guess it would have been more interesting with more kinds of fruit, but as it was, I only bought apples. I bought organic and conventional Braeburn apples and gave them to Ian to taste. After chewing on a couple of each, I asked him, "Which do you think are organic?"

"Those," he said, pointing to the organic apples.

"Good call," I said.

"But it's not because of taste," he clarified. "It's because of size."

"Why do you think organic apples would be smaller?" I asked, wondering myself why the conventional apples were twice the size of the organic.

"Because they don't have all sorts of shit dumped on them," he said with his mouth full of apples.

In my opinion, which was not unbiased, because I knew which apples were which, I thought the organic apples tasted slightly more sweet and flavorful. The conventional apples were more juicy in a watery sort of way, but not as dense with flavor.


Suze said...

I found this amusing :)

It would be interesting to do a taste test on local produce sometime. Say with strawberries or tomatoes or something where freshness makes a big difference, too. And chop them up so the size isn't a giveaway!!

Pam said...

That is a good idea! :-)