Friday, May 29, 2009

My Readers, My Friends

A note about how I know the last 15 people who commented on my blog...

Steph... is Suze's cousin. She is a writer and yogi. I have never met her in person, but I love her blog. I hope to meet her someday!

Suze... I met Suze in grad school at UW-Madison. She is a pianist, activist, amazing cook, gardener, and mother of two adorable children. I was officially (by email) introduced to her by my friend Jay, who is the best friend of an ex-boyfriend. He introduced us because Susan was the music department steward for the TAA (grad student union). We were co-stewards from then on and later became musical collaborators, too. I think it's about time for another recital, Susan. Don't you? :-)

Jake... I met Jake because we both worked at Church of the Redeemer in Chestnut Hill, MA as section leaders for the choir during the last year I lived in Boston. He is an excellent baritone who has a cool fancy day job, too. We have remained friends since I left, although our contact has been primarily via the internet. He is coming to visit me soon, though! Yay!

Celeste... Celeste and I sing together in a choir called Volti. She has a lovely alto voice and I love singing with her. She is also a physicist. I hope I don't have to wait until the Volti season starts up again until I see her again. She is way cool.

Andre... Andre and I went to the Eastman School of Music together. He is a composer and teacher. We have given each other much inspiration in the form of poetry and song throughout the years. Andre wrote me a beautiful song once. It's been much too long since I've seen him. I guess I'll have to drive down to LA one of these days.

Rob... Rob was three years ahead of me at Eastman and in the same class (and same primary/secondary major) as my older brother. He is a composer, entrepreneur, and father. I met him at a fraternity party. He recently came to San Francisco where I sung a set of his pieces with Volti. It was great to see him, Victoria, and Dylan!

Chris... Chris and I went to Eastman together. He is a flautist, teacher, and new father. He lived next door to someone I dated during my freshman year. We became very good friends in school because we have a very similar temperament (I think so anyway...). We played on a concert of Dana M's music several years ago. He lives much too far away. I wonder when I'll see him next?

Janine... Janine was a teacher at the school I worked at the last year I lived in Boston. She specializes in outdoor education. She is super funky. Her sister lives in San Fran, so I know I'll see her one of these days!

Scott... Scott was a student at UW-Madison while I was also a student there. He is a composer, teacher, pianist, and new father. We sang together in the madrigal group and I sung some of his pieces once, but I don't think I ever performed them. I should. I'll have to find them first... That sounds like a good weekend project!

Tom... Tom and I met in ninth grade. We were both super nerdy drama/music geeks. We got into a big fight in 11th grade, which made the rest of school until graduation suck. I'm glad we're friends again. He is a teacher of the deaf. I just know he is going to come and visit me one of these days, but if not, I'll surely see him again when I am next in Syracuse.

Yuhri... Yuhri and I went to Eastman together. She is a pianist turned techie, writer, comedienne :-), and new mother. I think we took a creative writing class together, but I'm not sure. I remember that Yuhri was always in the computer room using email long before I had an email account. She was always way ahead of everyone else. She lives in south bay. I will have to coerce her into some musical collaboration one of these days.

DJ... is my mom. I met her in a hospital in Syracuse a long time ago. :-) I'm pretty sure she's the best mom ever. She is a violinist and photographer. Her kitty, Bearsie, had surgery this morning. It went well. We are hoping for a speedy recovery!

Jesse... I met Jesse because he and Ian used to work together. He is a computer programmer and entrepreneur. He and his wife, Emily, are good friends who have made living in San Francisco a much more enjoyable experience. We like to eat, drink, and play Rock Band together and hopefully will do so again before long.

Dana... Dana and I went to Eastman together. She is a composer, pianist, and the mother of four adorable children. I sung some of her pieces on a concert in Cleveland a few years ago. She has since moved to Wisconsin. Hmmm... who else do I know in Wisconsin?

Terri... I met Terri at my current office job, where she used to work as a Project Manager. She is a scientist and musician. We got together one time and sang songs. It was really fun and we should do it more often... like as soon as she moves to her awesome new house?!


Suze said...

Recital? YES!!!

Steph said...

This was a cool post idea, Pam. I hope to meet you some day too. :)

Celeste Winant said...

awww... Pam! OK- its a date- lets do something (or somethings) this summer... (and we DO get to see each other in a week, but that doesn't count).

Anonymous said...

Pam, I was just listening to the performance of Dana's piece on CD a couple weekends ago, and I was trying to think of a way to get you out to Ohio to sing with me again in the future.