Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oggles of Otters

For a really long time I have been going on and on about how I've wanted to go to Moss Landing to see the sea otters.

I saw a picture similar to this one:

and another one like this:

and decided that sea otters were the cutest animals on the planet and that I really wanted to see them up close in person. I found out that Moss Landing, which is less than 2 hours from San Francisco is where they hang out and dreamed about the day I'd have the time to go and see them.

Yesterday, my dream came true. Ian and I both had the day off and he suggested we drive to Moss Landing! Then, he discovered that we could kayak in Elkhorn Slough. We saw lots of sea otters, seals, and tons of birds: cormorants, pelicans, caspian terns, marbled godwits, various ducks, and a large white bird I couldn't identify even later with my bird book (maybe a whooping crane?). Also, there were some ground squirrels on the beach and, of course, pigeons and sea gulls.

It was really, really cool. A very fun trip indeed.

**PS - An oggle is a new word Ian made up for a group of otters. :-)


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