Thursday, May 07, 2009

Word game

I guess I'll play again...

1. Water is in short supply for Californian farmers.

2. Water is essential for life.

3. Water is plentiful in the ocean, but unusable as drinking water or irrigation unless it is desalinated.

4. Water tastes wonderful when I'm thirsty.

5. Water is not a good thing to inhale.


Take a word and write 5 sentences about it, alternating between positive and negative associations. I dare you. :-)

Here's mine:

1. Caffeine comes in many delicious forms. My favorite at the moment is black tea.

2. Caffeine makes my tremor much more pronounced, so that if I'm eating a bowl of soup, I can see the spoon going up and down. Luckily most of the soup stays on.

3. Caffeine makes me smarter. I am able to make connections more quickly when I'm thinking and talking about something.

4. Caffeine heightens my negative mood, so that if I am feeling bad about something, I will feel worse. I may even feel paranoid and jump to all sorts of unreasonable conclusions.

5. Caffeine heightens my positive mood, so that if I'm feeling good about something, I may end up positively euphoric.

Now it's your turn!

1 comment:

Jake said...

1. Games on a board are fun.

2. Games in love suck.

3. Games bond friends together.

4. Games of war destroy nations.

5. Games enhance our survival skills.